Justin Bieber ‘Uses Biebered For Sex’

justin-bieber-fadingJustin Bieber has been going up to women that he thinks he’d like to have sex with and using his own name as a verb to try to get sex with them. Source told Star: ‘[Justin] coined a new term for hooking up and tested it out at a November 15 party at his Calabasas, California mansion. Justin was walking up to hot girls asking them if they wanted to get ‘Biebered.’’

His friends thought it was hilarious, but to Justin it’s not a joke. He thinks he’s so incredible in the bedroom that it’s a privilege for girls to get with him.

In bizarre news an Argentine photographer’s lawyers are requesting that Interpol capture the Canadian Bieber over assault allegations against Bieber’s security detail, Mexican daily El Universal reports.

The house photographer for the nightclub Ink was trying to take pictures of Bieber as he left and entered his car. FarandulaShow.com uploaded a video to YouTube of what appears to be Bieber’s guards roughing up the photographer, chasing him across the street, knocking him to the ground and kicking him

The lawyers accuse Bieber and his security detail of robbery and assault, among other allegations. If the Interpol request is accepted, Bieber could be arrested while traveling abroad.

Bieber had a rough tour in Latin America. He left two shows early, one in Brazil, after getting hit with a bottle, and the other in Argentina, where he complained of food poisoning.

The trip was also marked by a series of minor scandals. He was criticized for illegally spray-painting a wall in Colombia, while enjoying the protection of the country’s police. Meanwhile, a Bogotá policeman faces trial for killing graffiti artist Diego Felipe Becerra in 2011.

In Brazil, Bieber spent three hours in a brothel, but denied paying for sex. Bieber also angered fans in Argentina when he kicked an Argentine flag and swept it off stage with his microphone stand after a fan had thrown it to him. He apologized for the incident, saying he thought it was just a shirt.

  • Mellz89

    sooner or later he will sure knock somebody up.
    and all i can say is suck it up bieber!

  • threelittlebirds

    Oh my god, could he be any more full of himself?!

    • Scar

      Oh my God could you and all of you be more stupid and naive to actually believe such a bs? Wow I am amazed what this society has turned into. If it was about anyone else ya’ll would call it bs but believe it just to have a reason to hate on Bieber. So sad. Meanwhile he donated almost 1mil for Philippines and will gain more soon. Sick of you people :)

  • Dash

    I’m getting tired of hearing about him. can his career just fade away like Aaron Carter’s did already?

    • threelittlebirds

      Haha I used to be obsessed with Aaron’s party. That song was my jam. He’s bankrupt now.

    • Cici

      He is on that path. Aaron was the love of my life when I was little, haha.

  • eww

    gross, I bet he’s full of STD

  • Rainbow3000

    Why are his news always sex and hookers related?

  • Diana

    is he becoming a sex addict??

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Now it’s a bit easier to see what’s just pure bull-shit. This story being one of them.

  • cerenagee

    Honestly this sounds like bull. I feel like the Biebs is a much more laid back then what these stories make him out to be. I still think he’s an arrogant douche but I feel like he’ll grow out of it. I hope that he does at least. I think the term want to get biebered is fucking hilarious tbqh.

  • Lorrie

    He’s really disgusting always hiring hookers in every country he went to

  • Cici

    If true, I hope he is using protection…gross.

  • Diamondskyart

    Realy Justin? Realy?

  • laura

    If he’d ask me if I’d want to get ‘biebered’, I’d probably laugh my fucking ass off. It just sounds too ridiculous haha
    But, I don’t think it’s true, you got to be really really strange if you’d say that. It’s more something that a really awkward guy would say in a comedy movie, a real bad comedy may I add.

  • annoyed by this article

    how people actually get away with writing such bs stories AND get paid for it seriously
    b l o w s m y m i n d . like honestly, get a life, smh


      Thank you!


    Do people actually believe this shit?! Honestly enough is enough. The media seriously will go to any extent to make this kid look bad. I’m tired of it. Who’s reporting this shit and where are they getting this information from? How do you know this was said if you weren’t the one who was actually at his house? Before you go judging him, think about all the shit that you do that your parents don’t know about. It’s so sad that these scumbags get paid actually make their living off lying on people and OU you should be ashamed for even repeating this nonsense. How about you write about something WORTHWHILE like the school shooting that just happened I. Colorado. Justin bieber has had bad press all of 2013, and I’m not saying he hasn’t brought some of that on himself, but you people are a lot of the reason why he is the way he is. It’s sickening. He’s a teenager. Leave him alone

  • boystan


  • RegReach

    I need somone to steal his sperm and make a baby if only to ruin his life/ make him grow up

  • RedneckAtHeart

    This sad excuse for a human is a walking STD.. He is so freaking full of himself. If he’s so dynamite in the sack then why quiet the girls? Why not let them talk?


    Cannot believe stupid peasants on this site are ACTUALLY BELIEVING THIS SHIT :O :O HOW STUPID ARE YOU? Obviously bunch of dumb and naive 13 year olds, on sites where there’s older people who are SMART enough to recognize BULLSHIT stories they know it’s fake. Wow OU readers, will you believe Bieber is an alien too dumb fuckers? Too bad you haven’t still talked about his charity in Philippines, So done with this stupid site and their readers. Have fun with your delusional Bieber hate wagon no lifers.

  • Eva Jolopi

    Why is this badly written, unsubstantiated dross – that uses a notorious tabloid like Star – as a source, even published?

    Bieber does not go up to girls using his own name as sex verb. I am a source and that is the truth.

    Print that.