Selena Ariana Austin Z100 Jingle Ball

selena-ariana-austin-z100-jingle-ball (33)selena-ariana-austin-z100-jingle-ball (48)UPDATED with performance pix. More HERE! Selena Gomez told JJ about some of the negative responses to her single ‘Come And Get It': ‘I think people can’t handle growing up. I’m getting older and I’m confident in myself. Everybody has their own thing.. there’s so much room for everyone.’ She also said that Jack & Coke is her drink of choice.

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  • cerenagee

    As usual Selena looks so beautiful and classy. Ariana…. I feel like she looks the exact same every time I see her. I see what people mean by her look getting old

  • anon

    Both look good even though what Ariana is wearing is very revealing in the front (not cute) that’s why she’s covering w/her coat. She’s not a fashionista so….Very interested in her performance more than anything tho.

  • lols

    It doesn’t look like Ariana got a boob job. Anyways, she always dresses with these too cute, girly dresses, no wonder why she looks like a 13 year-old! Selena dresses much more like a woman, Ariana should take notes.

  • anon

    Here it is! Very nice. I’m beginning to hear her voice gain a little more power.

  • XaskTaylorX

    I love Selena, but I would feel embarrassed to perform after lip syncing and cursing. Hopefully she didn’t lip sync at the shows after that.

    • laura

      hopefully she did, it’d be cruel of her to actually sing live.
      Her voice is a nightmare.

  • :)

    Well said selena. No one can’t handle anyone growing up and doing their thing.

  • threelittlebirds

    lol selena’s face, she’s probably like, “really bitch?”