Miley Cyrus Phone Number (510) 255-2792

miley-phone-numbermiley-christ-2Did anyone actually get Miley’s voicemail? Drunk and bored Miley Christ called into KISS 108 about how she go stranded in New York and can’t get to Boston. She tried to hijack a bus to Boston.

  • jenn

    it has been disconnected lol

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Did she piss off the wrong person?


    i called earlier but it was busy lmfao

  • lolumadhuh

    i wonder five or ten years from now will she think all this shit was worth it..?

  • jinx

    Why Miley doesn’t like Christmas or is considered Grinch? Like seriously, she would be soo “oh Christmas, what a wonderful time!” and it wasn’t long ago. I wonder if she’s become an atheist or if she simply doesn’t like that it’s a time of the year when people are more coy and focus on Jesus and stuff, and all she want to do is to twerk on someone’s dick.

    • F

      Atheists celebrate christmas too you know. And I bet that Jesus is the last person on anyone’s mind, Christians very much included. All anyone cares about are the gifts they receive. And before you go on about how christmas is a religious holiday, just know know it’s not. It was a pagan holiday hijacked with Jesus that became grade a capitalism and there’s nothing wrong with that. And last thing, the winter holiday isn’t all about christmas. There are loads of other non catholic/Christian holidays this season

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        God is the first one on my mind. Christmas for me isn’t about gifts, I haven’t felt that way in yeeaarrsss. So try not to group people. And I’m not religious, not even a little bit.

        • F

          To each their own, that said I still say that this holiday season is very much non religious and should stay like that. Everyone has their own practises and that’s fine but holidays should stay as non secular as possible.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            That was redundant but I got you.

          • Renee

            Should stay that way? LOL at you. The whole reason CHRISTmas is celebrated is because of Jesus’s birthday, and your greedy hands get gifts because of the Three Wise Men. Please DON”T EVER go run your mouth saying Jesus is the last thing on peoples minds. I forgot why i stopped coming on this site. Half the time Its full of atheists who sit around fighting all day with each other because they all think they’re too smart and too grand to bow down and admit they’re wrong every once and a while. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. Long live CHRISTmas.

    • Shia

      What an ignorant statement

  • annon

    thats a bay area area code

  • anongirl

    Called her but it’s disconnected lol. My real question is, though, why did her bff tweet her phone number?

    • dylan

      and miley tweeted after that something like “my closet is more worth than cheynes life” something like that. but she deleted it :/ maybe they got into a fight. and I think than cheyne and denika are only useing her for fame. sad but true ://

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Chayne is her personal assistant (he was her best friend before being employed by her). She said in the interview where she admitted she was the drunkest ever that she would force him to do humiliating things. I think it’s pretty obvious he got tired of her forcing him to publicly humiliate himself and I think this is his form of retaliation OR they simply got into a fight.

    Wonder if he’s going to go to TMZ and sell secrets/pix/niley sextape.

  • :)

    I can’t believe you idiots actually tried to call this number.

  • BrokenArrow18

    do you actually think this is her numbeR?