Nick & Joe Jonas Chicago Snow Party

joick-christmas-bash-pix (4)chicago-snow-partyVia mackenzienewman. VIDEOS under! Pix of Joick @ Buffalo Kissmas Bash HERE!

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  • threelittlebirds

    that girl looks like selena just a tad.

    • fghghjgj

      no she is not

      • threelittlebirds

        i said a tad, not her twin. learn what tad means.

        • fghghjgj

          sorry dont be mad because i say that and by the way she dosent look like a just tad eather

  • cerenagee

    They look so hot!

  • Lol

    nick is strutting his stuff

  • anon

    Joe and Nick look a different height each picture. One photo Nick looks taller and another Joe looks taller.

  • jonas fan


    • threelittlebirds

      you’re annoying af

  • GentileJewel

    Nick: Ugly Bitchy Boring! Joseph: Cute Handsome Charming! I don’t know? It’s hard:)

    • K

      More like, Nick: Beautiful, talented, quiet man. Joe: average-looking, kind, untalented.

      • GentileJewel

        More like you have a screw loose and there is nothing average about him! As for Talent! Way and beyond through the roof! As for you! No wonder you like Him! The other one I mean. Bitchy dillusional Witch!!

        • threelittlebirds

          you know, everyone has different tastes in men.

        • K

          LMAO why are you mad?
          Oh and BTW by “average-looking” I meant “ugly” I was just trying to be nice, but idgaf.
          And If anything you are the delusional one, you got mad at someone who objected your opinion in website, how lame…

  • Naomi

    Nick looks sad in a few pic :( wonder why? I think he still loves someone from the past? having a gf now does not mean he already forgot about the past, who was there before her!

    • pily

      I think he looks aad becouse this was their last show together

  • Mellz89

    Looks like the real ‘jonas brothers’ issue is actually kevin lol,lets face it..
    Kevin is not really an artis,he dont sing.. Just playing guitars and takes credit as much as joe n nick..

    • GentileJewel

      Excuse! Me! You have no idea what is going on! Two: You’re a Bitch! No wonder you think those Stupid things and Three: Just because you don’t sing lead but song write and play instruments you aren’t an artist? Do you know what an artist is you freak? A painter for one! It is called a musician!!!!! As in music! IDIOT!

      • Mellz89

        Four : you are a mother whore! Who are you calling be a bitch?!
        We have different opinion,get over it!.

        Besides.. tell me,besides jonas brothers..
        What is kevin been doing? Reality show? I thought he is a musician??

        Btw i not haters,i love jonasbro.. just telling the fact. Get over it.
        And dont call someone u dont know a bitch,it makes you looks like a tool

    • pily

      Playing the guitar is harder than it looks, and he actually can sing but he said that he dint like ti do it

      • Mellz89

        Lol,im sure that their band players can play the guitar as good as kevin.

        Really? No musician in a history of the world who claim the can sing very well but just dont like to do it?? Lol..
        It just means that they cant sing well enough to be put out on their records.

  • JJ456

    Joe is so beautiful, he takes my breath away. And tonight, with his white pants and black top- AMAZING!

  • :)

    i think the fact that joe and nick perform(ed) several times together kind of indirectly hints that kevin is the reason why they broke up. just a thought..

    • pily

      I think that kevin is so mad that he doesnt even want to be with them, but i dont think he is the reason why they broke up

  • Libs

    Damnnnnnnn Mack looks hott ;)

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