Taylor Swift Lorde 24th Birthday Party

taylor-swift-lorde-24th-birthday-party-pictures (32)Taylor Swift holds new best friend Lorde at her 24th birthday party in Melbourne: My 24th birthday was a Melbourne garden party. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! Lorde is replacing Selena.. do YOU think Saylor is over?!

IMPORTANT: Taylor donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony on her birthday. The publicist Tweeted: ‘Thank you, Taylor, for supporting musicians & music in #MusicCity. Happy Birthday!’ Two months ago she opened the Taylor Swift Education Center in Nashville with a $4 million donation Swift pledged to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2012.


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “do YOU think Saylor is over?!” I was thinking this while looking at the pics. It’s a little weird seeing as Lorde made this little statement that wasn’t meant to be rude about CAGI yet Selena didn’t take it so well. Then soon after Selena removes Lorde’s song from her set-list. And Taylor wasn’t there for Selena’s birthday either. But then I remembered that they’re both busy and I’m sure they’ve called one another.

    • Anon

      Taylor wasn’t there for Selena’a birthday because she had a show the same day. I’m sure they talked over the phone, just like Ed texted Taylor. And yeah, this is all the way in Australia so Selena was probably too busy. I think Taylor is sorta taking Lorde under her wing, its sweet tbh. But I don’t think it means that her and Selena aren’t friends anymore.

    • yayayay

      Honestly, it’s indeed weird that they have 7 years of age difference. BUT I still think that from all of them, Selena is the most immature. Taylor’s sympathy for Lorde only shows she’s not affected easily by what someone says and understands their point of view, even if they disagree. Selena seems to be the kind of “take things too seriously”, vindictive girl that guards resentment. Like if no one could say anything about her or else she’ll feel hurt and angry. Characteristics of a spoiled child.

  • Zaina

    Selena, are you still friends with Taylor?
    Ask “Lorde”

    • anon

      lol good one!

  • Alii

    I didn’t even realize they stopped being friends. I totally forgot about Taylor and Selena. Well hopefully Lorde doesn’t get screwed over, celebrities are weird about their friends and she’s the new kid on the block.

  • Anon

    Taylor looks so cute and I think Lorde is actually really pretty!

  • anonymous

    so weird

  • cerenagee

    Celebs are allowed to have multiple friends and it isn’t necessary to hang out every day to still be friends. This little friendship is funny to me. I think its cool that they’re friends just weird haha. Taylor is like this little ball of sunshine and flowers and Lorde is like the queen of goth.

  • sarasky

    I guess Selena was getting too mature for Taylor. HA!


    Saylor will never die!!!!!!!

  • getlikemiley

    Lorde makes me feel uncomfortable

  • liz

    does anyone know what app she uses on her pictures? they’re so glowy and pretty

  • yayayay

    Lol, so weird… Lorde once said many celebs wanted to hang out with her to make collabs… Maybe Taylor does too? I mean, where the hell did this friendship came from? But anyways, just because Lorde isn’t very keen on music about boyfriends, doesn’t mean she can’t be friends with Tay. Which is why I think that Selena is just being an immature little jerk. She takes things way to the personal side. Like, girl, learn how to accept constructive criticism… She wasn’t even being rude. Just because someone criticize your songs it doesn’t mean they hate you, they’re just exposing their opinion. But clearly Selena knows nothing about opinions and Lorde’s songs are much better than hers, so…

  • lols

    YO, the queen of shades united!!

    • lols


  • :)

    i actually like how they’re both friends now. i’m a huge taylor swift fan, and i like lorde’s music a lot, and i think it’s very good for lorde to have taylor’s back, someone who’s fairly huge in the industry, and is very genuine- especially when you’re starting out in the industry, you always need someone to back you up, and taylor is known for being so down to earth, and so humble, and i think lorde appreciates that, knowing how much she hates spoilt drugged celebrities. i’m pretty sure selena won’t be ever so glad to hear about this, but everyone should cut lorde some slack. we all say stuff we don’t mean, most of us don’t like all celebrities in the world, and we tend to say stuff that aren’t particularly nice about them, plus she’s very new to this, and her single blew up so quickly, so it’ll take her a while to adapt to this new lifestyle. heartiest wishes to you lorde xxxxx

  • LikeICare


  • BrokenArrow18

    I didnt know they were friends lol

  • Godney

    This is SO 90’s teen movie LOL