Demi ‘Lavender’ Fan Meeting HOAX!

demi lavender hoax
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Demi Lavender started trending on Twitter which caused Demi to take notice. It was a fake fan meeting story where Demi allegedly dissed Ariana Grande & Miley lmfao… Demi took to Twitter to respond.

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  • Zaina

    Demi Lavender? Oh my Jesus. Lmfao, I don’t believe it’s true though. Demi seems far too nice to be that outward about it especially if that is what she was actually thinking in her head.

    Poor Demi Lavender. Lmfao, The name though..Demi Lavender.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    How can someone say something so mean about Demi Lavender?!?

    If you are going to try to make someone look bad at least for the love of God get the name right..

  • cerenagee

    Bahahaha demi lavender. Iove demis response though haha

  • A Cat

    For all we know, this story could have some truth to it but I doubt it. Come on, Demi’s not super famous or anything but she’s in the media enough to know that she can’t make any remarks about other celebrities without the repercussions. She knows that if she basically said Ariana’s fifteen minutes of fame is up to anybody that person would go straight to twitter/gossip sites and talk about it.

    But good on Demi for taking it in stride and having a good sense of humor about it :)

  • XaskTaylorX

    If this fan was such a “fan”, then why wouldn’t she know her last name is lovato and not lavender? No papz around? Would t there be at least one or two? later on Oceanup? Faaaaiiillllllllll. Whomever wrote the story isn’t the brightest. Sorry- not sorry. I’m glad Demi responded the way she did.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    LOL… this was such a failed attempt at making a fan meeting story. I feel like i could make up a really beefy, deep, insightful and believable fan story about Harry Styles — but I honestly don’t have the drive nor attention seeking mindsight lmfao.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      but then again, would it be a fan story or fan fiction? hahaha the lines are so blurred nowadays with these ridiculous stories coming out.

      • LikeICare

        as long as you’re not like ‘aand then harry licked my nose’ i’ll be fine

        • ashleyofcourse

          then harry got down on one knee….i said no because i didnt want his fans to hate me. the pressure was too much…

          • LikeICare

            but then he turned into a cat and started doing the moonwalk it was so romantic

      • ashleyofcourse


  • Rosemary

    it sounded like BS anyways

  • ashleyofcourse

    i almost googled demi lavender x’D cause i thought she was talking about a legitimate person hahahaa

  • ty

    why she calling her demi levender on she on drugs or something?