• in jesus name i pray amen

    I usually am such a cynic when I see celebrity relationships, but I actually ship this. Niall bb, get that puss.

    He seems sexually frustrated anyways tbqh

  • trace

    thats not new a model scoring with every singers or actors. they are basically the escorts or call girls of the music industry. first bieber now what his face.

  • jo

    she used to have a fling with Leonardo Dicaprio

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  • A.U.

    I think Niall could have done better.I imagine him dating a normal girl.She is gorgeous but I think she is just dating him for attention.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      “I imagine him dating a normal girl.”

      Wouldnt we all love that…? Let’s be real. They can pretty much have/bed any girl in the world… WHY NOT let it be a model? I know we all want them for ourselves but… we have to be real with ourselves and just keep eating our chocolate cake to make us happy :(

      • A.U.

        I know they could bed any girl. I think Barbara is gorgeous but I just feel she would take advantage of Niall.
        Niall hasn’t been seen in a serious relationship before. I just was hoping for him to date someone normal, so there wouldn’t be so much pressure. I just hope he just isn’t in this for lust. Then later he broken hearted.
        Seeing that Barbara had been buddied up with major stars, such Justin beiber, Leonardo Dicaprio, I feel she is there for attention.
        Im not trying to imply that I want them to myself. Im a Zayn girl. But I just feel a little protective of Niall. I guess it because of his innocence charm. lol :)

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          I see the innocent charm in Niall as well! Poor bb… But I think he has to WANT a serious relationship too. What if he just wants a hookup buddy? I always think it’s funny how we are quick to assume ppl are dating, but IRL, ppl have friends with benefits all the time. We just like to think that celebs (our idols and ppl we adore and lust over ourselves) are above that.

          • A.U.

            Don’t get me wrong, I just want Niall to be happy with her. And I hope she doesn’t take advantage of him. I think I feel protective because his behavior, characteristics and charm reminds me of one of my younger relative. lol

            He seem that he is interested in her Hasn’t he went out with her before? So I don’t necessarily think its just friends with benefit thing..

    • Mabel

      Yeah right as if a ‘normal’ girl would ever be better than a bictoria secret model from perception of hormonal 20 year old red blooded guy like Niall! Gosh you girls are deluded thinking Niall would pick a silly screaming teenager over a sexy victoria secret goddess.

  • :(

    Fucking irish who’s a fan of Justin Bieber. :( I still love you though, you snowflake!

    (He seems to have weird taste though? Like Ellie Goulding, Amy Green, etc.)