Seriously Cyrus Family YouTube Show

WEEKLY VIDEOS of the family that was blessed by the virgin queen Miley Christ. Tune in for all the latest on Billy Ray, Tish, Trace, Brandi, Miley, Braison & Noah Cyrus! Tish will have a talk show, Noah will do parody videos, Brandi will do weekly social media updates and fashion tips, and Billy Ray will do studio sundays, Braison and Trace will be… Poor illegitimate son Chris Cyrus…

  • asdfghjkl

    Keepin’ up with the Cyruses

  • Zaina

    With special guest star Miley Cyrus

  • Sandy McFarlane


  • rez

    just what we needed another trashy youtube show. its redneck tv yall!!!. and people call other celebs famewhores

  • JUG

    I was not aware that there was a demand for a Tish Cyrus show but I guess any famous young celeb today has a moral and ethical duty to ensure that their family and friends become famous too. I wonder if there are any celeb family members who don’t want to be famous?

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Her mom lmfao. She is so fucking thirsty and literally trying to live through her child. She is the epitome of a momager. Tish, sit down.

    • Zaina

      What are you talking about? She is clearly the next pimp momager Kris. She will over throw Kris Jenner off of her throne. Gur, You better recognize.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        I hate Kris Jenner lmfao, which is WHY I hate Tish Cyrus lmfao. Pimp MOMAGER! I LOVE IT.

        • Zaina

          They are both equally annoying. Cheering on their daughters as they make fools of themselves. Remember at the Vma’s when Tish was dancing to Miley’s performance. It reminded me of Mean Girl’s with regina’s mom.
          They act like they are the same age group as their daughters. Momagers are so annoying.

          • lols

            Momagers LOL. I didn’t know she was dancing in the VMAs along Miley’s performance, LOL, HOW PATHETIC.

          • ashleyofcourse

            hey guise, i brought snacks.
            so whats the 411? *chews chip*

      • Zaina


  • Dara

    Not sure how I feel about this…..

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I wouldnt be surprised OU if Chris Cyrus is the only sane offspring of Billy Ray’s lmfao.

    Braison is a weed addict. Noah is a Miley in the making that is crying for help bc of family issues. Miley is… well you know Miley. Trace is a horse and not from Billy. Brandi is a failed singer and wannabe actress, thirsty for attention, but not actually of Billy’s either. Chris, although illegitimate, is probably living a normal life rn.

    • A Cat

      I was honestly not even aware of a Chris Cyrus until now..

      I guess it worked out pretty well in his favor if he’s living a nice, normal life.

      edit: I just read an old article about him feeling bitter/sad about not being involved in the family and now I’m just sad.

    • rosie

      You got everything right! Think this is a platform for Brandi and Noah and Trace, those that don’t get enough attention with their individual videos on their own sites. Didn’t Noah have the Noie & Ems show on YouTube? Now that was a masterpiece, Eeek! Braison doesn’t seem to want to be involved, and Miley probably won’t be either. Anyone who subscribes probably will only do so hoping to see Miley. Then again, you don’t need to subscribe, you can just watch the videos if you’re interested. They probably want subscribers so they can try to get advertisers based on those numbers and therefore, try to make a buck of the Miley fans, again. Christopher does seem to be doing well at college in pre-law in Austin, Texas, judging by his facebook. Thankfully, he was raised normally by his mother, Kristin Lucky.

  • —–

    “Seriously” is what I thought when I saw this. A reality show would actually be a good idea from this family but on youtube? no don’t. maybe with E! or VH1

    • WatchOut

      Please no!!

  • ohno

    omfg this is so… I don’t know how to describe, but honestly, I remember when Billy and Tish were almost breaking up exactly because of “Hannah Montana” and the fame, etc… And now they’re making this? AND LOL at Noah’s shirt where it’s written “Twerk”, how sad.

  • Cici

    I was waiting on this to happen. lol…they are serious. oh god. i dont even know…i can’t. This is how they are probably going to get their E! show. Probably a secret trial thirsty.

  • soft ghetto

    can they not?

  • lols

    Honestly, Noah’s part in the show seems more interesting than anything else…

    • ashleyofcourse

      i know! i was like, id probably tune in just to see her segment. it sound so cool really, i love remakes.

  • cerenagee

    Omfg I can’t with this stupid as family. Thirsty for attention

  • elle

    Why why why

    • WatchOut

      they want to show how important they are to the world. *sarcasm*

  • BangBang

    I SERIOUSLY can’t with this family! Like can someone remind me again why exactly need this?

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Oh for the love of all things holy!!! Can this family just go away?

  • no

    Holy fuck, this family will do anything.

  • Then

    This is the one of the most desperate things I’ve watched In a long time.

  • KRP

    Brandi watches the Shaytards and Trace is friends with We The Kings whose base player does youtube videos called CTFxC… They’re trying to be the already famous vloggers.

  • Ninjya


  • Godney

    The lohans did it better!

  • Tessa

    No. just no

  • Hollyhysteria


  • Samantha Maree

    The Cyrus family are DISGUSTING , they’re just as bad as Michael Jackson’s family like really . I feel really sorry for Miley , i mean look at her she’s just messed up (self harm , drugs etc) and is already on her way of becoming the new Amy Winehouse and only this family just only care about is themselves and the money just like the Jackson family , How wonder Miley is so crazy right now , they just only see the dollar signs

    PS : I also feel sorry for Noah too , poor girl needs to guidance and support , I hope she doesn’t end up like her sister RUUUUNNN NOAH AND MILEY RUUNNN , RUN YOUR LIVES