The Wanted To Be Dropped By Label?

The UK DailyStar reports, that The Wanted’s latest album ‘Word of Mouth’ flopped in sales so terribly and ticket sales to their European tour were so unsuccessful that they are close to being dropped by their label. The writer of the article goes on to say: I’m told Universal Music plan to drop the boyband after their third album Word Of Mouth proved to be a massive global flop. I can reveal the final nail in the coffin came after their European tour was scrapped due to poor ticket sales – rather than “scheduling issues”, which the band’s management claimed. The shock axing will come as a huge blow to Jay, Max, Siva, Tom and Nathan, who had a big international hit in 2011 with Glad You Came.

1D have also sold more copies in a week in the UK alone, than The Wanted have in six weeks around the world. My source said: “Despite high hopes that The Wanted would rival One Direction as worldwide stars, it just hasn’t happened. Word Of Mouth has proved a monumental flop which has just about sealed their fate. The album was a disaster from start to finish. It had no direction and was delayed for over a year due to problems. No final decision has been made, but all promo for the album has been scrapped and no more singles are planned. There are also no plans to reschedule the cancelled European tour dates.”

  • WatchOut

    I really liked their second album, but world of mouth is awful.
    Their lead single Walks like Rihanna, was a disaster.
    The only good song on this album is Show me love.

    I think nathan should go solo and to the rest, your 15 minutes of fame are over.

  • anon

    someone mentioned on here that The Wanted was “resting” these days and the responses were that they must have broken up because, well, for musicians and singers, this is one of their biggest time of the year where they should be n demand for events. Nathan’ voice sounds horrible. Just heard him sing at a gig yesterday and really he should have rested more after that vocal surgery he had this summer. They pushed him out to perform too fast. Now he’s paying for it.

  • Jen

    Karmas a bitch

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    can we all stop pretending like this wasnt coming? They are legitimately an older and less attractive One Direction. They never stood a chance. They tried.

  • Guest

    Lol this is so false WoM was number 1 in the uk and parts of Europe, don’t no about the states. And there tour here is almost sold out

    • Guest

      they cancelled all the european tour dates (not UK and Ireland) because of poor sales.
      Belgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)[35]86Belgian Albums (Ultratop Wallonia)[36]89French Albums (SNEP)[37]151Dutch Albums (MegaCharts)[38]70Irish Albums (IRMA)[23]10Japanese Albums (Oricon)[39]36Mexican Albums (AMPROFON)[40]6New Zealand Albums (Recorded Music NZ)[41]23Spanish Albums (PROMUSICAE)[42]31Scottish Albums (OCC)[43]9UK Albums (OCC)[24]9US Billboard 200[44]17Where is the number one??

      • Julia

        They cancelled the European dates because there’s something happening with Max’s family. They said that. Finland, Sweden and other European countries actually sold out.

    • WatchOut

      WoM debuted at 9 in the UK!!
      A iTunes number one for a few minutes is not a number one.
      It has never been number one, the hightest they got is number 6 inn Mexico.

      Face the reality!!

  • dlovCyr

    Ugh they are so much better than one direction. Just because they dont have the “looks” people don’t like them.Heartbreak story in WOM is sooo good and Demons. Nobody ever gave them a chance because of fan wars and shit. They are much older so they dont attract 14 year olds. Im 19 and think Max is so handsome ughhh alright fangorl over.

    • Zaina

      I know Max………<3 the only person I like from one direction is Zayn. He is the only really attractive one and he is the best singer. I dislike Louis though. He seems so stuck up. I remember when I was watching Tanya Burr's vlogs she waved at them and Eleanor was all sweet and nice. Then there was Louis looking all stuck up and compeletly ignored her. I mean she even did his sisters makeup for her. You would think he would fake it. At least Eleanor was nice about it. I think Loius was the one who instigated the whole fued with the wanted. Out of all of them he seems the most douchey.

      • WatchOut

        Zayn is the best looking guy in all the boy bands right now.

      • dlovCyr

        I dont like any of them, their looks are below average to me and if they were all ugly to everyone, no one would like them and all their songs sound the same to me.

    • WatchOut

      Walks like Rihanna is one of the worst songs ever!
      And the Album is the worst of their 3 Albums.
      i liked them but I can’t stand their new album. I tryed to listen to it at least 10 times.

      • dlovCyr

        Yea their gayest song yet, I never even finished the video. Their concerts are the best to go to tho cus theres barely people lol sorry ive been to 6 and they are always really energetic and im actually excited to listen to their new album live except like 2 or 3 songs. Nothing beats their best songs warzone and all time low also.

        • WatchOut

          Warzone is a tune.

  • BangBang

    They need more hits like Glad you came to get on the map again because Moves like Rihanna and that America song are just awful!

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I hate when people sing songs centered other celebrities. That is recipe for disaster imfo. If the celebrity doesn’t acknowledge it, it’s awkward, uncomfortable and just awful. The only one I am okay with is ‘Moves Like Jagger’ but that was done by Maroon 5 & queen Xtina.

      • WatchOut

        In Rihannas case I would have sued them for using my name.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          Same… im sure she’s just like:

          Obvi they’re trying to reach by using her name.

      • BangBang

        Exactly! The whole song and video were a mess in my opinion. BTW isn’t Scooter Braun managing them?

  • cristalparker

    But their UK tour dates were actually sold out! They probably canceled them because Max & Nathan’s grand-dads passes away. I honestly hope this isn’t true because I love them sooo much & they are so talented! #TWareourEverything #TWFanmily

  • Lol

    KARMA. I bet they’re trying to have a twitter fight with any of the One Direction boys so they can get some PR

  • sarah

    It seriously makes me laugh when i see people saying ‘walks like rihanna’ was one of TW’s worst song, when in REALITY it was Number 4 in the UK charts; so what does that tell you? – It obviously did good! It really dis-hearts me how their new album ‘Word Of Mouth’ Hasn’t did too well, when it’s one of their BEST album yet! People these days are too judgmental, only REAL fans would know how amazing/talented/sweet 5 guys they are! They just sadly don’t get enough credit, which is upsetting! Just because 1D are out, when TW came out before them, and their single went straight to Number 1. They’re seriously SO much better than 1D which really annoys me… (music wise) and they’re an attractive looking band. I just hope this news isn’t true, and it’s just a rumour at the end of the day. It would be really upsetting for such a good band go to waste, when they have the potential to be in the music industry for another three years or more!

    Online articles would be biased, and obviously defend 1d!

  • Courtney

    Word of Mouth is such an amazing album. They are becoming more and more popular everyday. At least they worked hard for what they have. If their record label does drop them, i’m sure there will be some other label that would want them. I blame Scooter for only paying attention to Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly. He needs to learn that he has other artist to take care of, like Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson. Scooter signs too many people at once. And the said thing about society today, is that looks are the only things that matter. The Wanted are very talented and amazing people. Just because they got into a little argument with One Direction doesn’t mean that the fans need to get involved. Its between them, not everyone else. Also, I don’t think Nathan needs to go solo. He is an amazing singer, but what would he be without the other lads? He would be nothing. I love The Wanted together as a band.