Amanda Bynes To Be New Demi Lovato?

amanda-bynes-taxi-15Recovering drug Amanda Bynes user may become the new Demi Lovato by releasing a book. She told STAR days after leaving rehab: ‘I feel great. I’m very happy.’ Amanda is planning to take class at California’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in hopes to start her own fashion linen.

Why she is staying with her parents: ‘They don’t want her to have a relapse, so before she came home, they went over their whole house to make sure there was nothing that could trigger and episode. Amanda, who had several plastic surgeries, had made the remove all mirrors int he house except for the one in the bathroom. She’s not allowed to access any social media either.

In therapy she discovered her love for art: ‘She sees a therapist five days a week, a doctor twice a weekto check on hermeds and a family therapist with her parents. When she has free time, she spends much of it painting.

She is also keeping a diary to turn into a book: ‘She’s filled eleven journals while inrehab. It’s a lot of analyzing her feelings and emoations but also poetry and fiction. Her docotr is encouraging it because it will be very therapeutic.’


  • Zaina777

    I like Amanda. I think she can sing too. I remember her on Hairspray. She was really good. However, for now she should just focus on herself and getting healthy again mentally, emotionally and physically just focus on her own well being. She is talented and she will be fine in no time,

    • Zaina777


      • Zaina777

        I miss the old her. She was perfect. She is so talented as well.

  • soft ghetto

    I’m so glad she’s doing better, my cousin suffers from schizophrenia as well and it’s a constant struggle.

  • anon

    1. I actually dare this article to have more spelling errors.
    2. I’m really happy for Amanda! It’s great to hear she’s going to be taking classes and has discovered her love for art. I’m also glad she’s keeping a journal and receiving help. I hope she continues to thrive on the road to recovery. <3

    • anon

      Oh, and no need to call her the “new Demi”. Amanda is her own person and Demi is her own person. They’re two different people who are both on the road to recovery.

  • Rosemary

    I hope this is true! I’m so happy for her

  • saulo

    its funny how amanda did such crazy things it was hard for people to turn on her, and now that she got help there is no reason to judge her and everyone loves her again lol.just thought that was interesting

    I wish her the best and will be the first in line to buy her book.

    I want her to recover before she does anything

    im sure hollywood would take her back if she wwanted to act because she was real a talented funny actress and there arent that much out there.but im not sure if she would ever want to though.want ever she decides I support her

  • queenamanda

    stop posting old pics! only post pictures after her nosejob! flithy tabloids!

  • queenamanda

    obama needs to get her a book deal! and he needs to fire the cop that puther in jail