David Archuleta Chile Christmas Concert

He performs music in Spanish!

  • AR♈POPist

    This is not in Brazil, it’s in Mexico, people don’t speak in Spanish in Brazil, but Portuguese. Correct the title.

  • leonor

    it’s in CHILE !!!

  • caitlyn

    love his voice so much!

  • violet4ever

    It is in Chile. David (DavidArchie on twitter) is on a church mission in Chile until April 2014 and these are the 4 songs he sang in the mission’s Christmas Dec 14 concert. The concert was an international telling of the Christmas story in song.

  • JUG

    At 22 David Archuleta is the most talented singer of his generation and a truly unique individual not obsessed with becoming the next Justin Bieber. It’s a travesty that he is not more successful. It’s insane that the likes of Cody Simpson and Austin Mahone, aka Bieber 2.0 and Bieber 3.0, have more Twitter followers (but fortunately less CD and singles sales). How can we change this?

  • breanne ♥ #DA2014 ♥

    Thanks for posting David Archuleta singing these Christmas songs! He is an amazing singer!!