• Zaina777


  • anon

    Joe leak nudes pleaseeeee

  • M355

    Yes, lets go spend huge amounts of money on overpriced crap.

    • GentileJewel

      Too! True! Sad!

    • JJ456

      It’s his money, he can do whatever he wants with it.

  • roxanneXD

    the irony that many jonas fans!

    “Olivia’s using Nick” few events where Nick and Olivia are together, while Joe and Blanda always appear at events and candids hahahhaha

    • soft ghetto

      unnecessary tbh, because nobody is using anyone. Can’t Janda and Nolivia be a couple without somebody accusing them of PR? so annoying.

      • roxanneXD

        PR or she’s loves the attention Paparazzis? lol

        • soft ghetto

          you’re delusional, bye.

  • robin

    I dont get how these two do this all day everyday! I love going shopping with my boyfriend, but i feel like thats all these two do!

  • JJ456

    They are so adorable together. He REALLY likes this place.

  • anon

    joe looks cute naked

  • Michelle3323

    Did they find anything? They’re not carrying any bags. Eating,partying, and shopping sounds like the life. As long as they’re happy together and they obviously are.

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