Ariana Grande ‘I Never Liked Acting’

Sam & Cat star Ariana Grande revealed that she only auditioned for Nickelodeon to launch her music career. She told Complex: ‘I never liked acting. I auditioned for TV just to get a platform to get a record deal and then I fell in love with acting because it was fun. After I’m done playing Cat Valentine I don’t see myself doing much acting, but I would do a scary movie or a musical.’


  • lolumadhuh


  • cerenagee

    I can’t stand her stupid ass voice on her show. It’s so annoying

    • anon

      Why don’t you and all others who feel this way get a online campaign to get Dan Schneider to change Cat’s voice the way it is and get it back to what is was on the first season of Victorious. He’s responsible. I wouldn’t even bother because the show won’t last too long. Jeanette & Ariana both have bright futures with other projects. Both of them are really talented.

  • Jen

    probably for the best considering shes not very good at it

  • dklsld

    Yeah, I never liked your acting either, Ariana. I can’t wait for the day when you’re no longer on my tv screen.

  • Zaina777

    This girl seems so fake.

  • Cici

    I have to turn the channel when her show comes on.. that voice..I simply can not.

    • laura

      thank god the dutch voice over isn’t that annoying! she actually sounds cute then haha

  • Zaina777

    Can I be honest with you guys about something? I believe Ariana was the main reason Victorious got cancelled. I mean think about when did she start getting really popular after emotions and when the show ended. I think Victoria may have wanted a tour but not to actually end the show. I would have rather have watched Liz Gillies on a television show than Ariana. I also find it convinient that her music starts getting big now right as Sam and Cat came out. She is the main star now so it’s like Victoria was on her show and now it’s Ariana’s turn. I also find it weird that she is still so cool with all the main cast members except Victoria. Ariana stole the spotlight from her. Come on now Victorious was a really good show with really good ratings… It all seems fishy that out of nowhere the girl that was on Zoey 101 becomes even popular and then all of a sudden this girl comes and everyone knows about her.What about the rest though? Where is Victoria and the gang who basically made Sam and Cat become possible.

    • Lisa

      Victoria can never really hold up a show on her own. Her acting is pretty mediocre and her singing is average. The ensemble cast made that show and at the time that she show was on, a lot of people liked Cat. Victoria has a new show coming out soon on MTV, Avan also has his own show “Twisted” on ABC which is also doing good, Liz filmed a movie this summer and is working on another one now and Leon is also working on his music right now and he writes for a lot of people. Everyone from the show is doing their own thing right now, it’s just that you only really hear about Ariana and Avan lately because they have projects out right now on big networks.

    • RegReach

      Everyone stole the spotlight from victoria, they were funnier more intresting, better looking and more talented, Victoria over the past year has not congratulated and of her castmates on getting married, leon record deal, arianna number 1 album, liz and matt movies, or avan show. SHE is so bitter and fake. No wonder after that fisrt movie they didnt let cat sing as much she OVERPOWERED HER as did Liz but it wass her show. I still cannot belive how selfish she was to chooses and cancel the show. IT WAS HER CHOICE NO TO DO ANOTHER SEASON. She rather open up for big time rush, I cant wait fr her mtv show to get cannceld

      • Celeste

        She has congratulated EVERYONE. And Dan Schneider said Ariana was the reason the show got canceled for everyone. Get facts correct first before hating x

        • Zaina777

          I agree. I never trusted Ariana and I still don’t.

          • Zaina777

            I keep on getting the fake vibe from her.

    • anon

      Stealing the spotlight? How is someone who was basically wallpaper because she was so much in the background, responsible for the show getting cancelled? Sam & Cat was created for Jeanette with Ariana added later. She is still the supporting role playing that stupid character. She’s paying her dues playing that role. Ariana had a big following from the beginning even though she was not the star of any of the shows she was in. That is possible you know. Producers and casting executives make mistakes in choosing who they think will be a breakout star especially if it’s a man making the decisions. The biggest stars today came from crappy background parts where they were not the main stars.

      • Zaina777

        Right…yet Liz didn’t get shit. You know shit went down with her, Victoria and Dan and you know it.

        • Zaina777


          • Zaina777

            Ariana is a two faced cheating backstabber.

        • anon

          Dude you are writing Liz off? GTFOH! She, as well as all others including Ariana are still at the beginning of their careers. Liz WILL def get other projects she can shine in. It’s just a little quiet for her work wise right now. She’s an actress/singer. Breaks in getting work is to be expected. she’s still in the public eye though and she’s a beauty. If her manager wasn’t sleeping she probably could have gotten a fashion/cosmetic/something deal in between acting & singing projects.
          Victoria Justice will be fine. Victorious launched her into fame. It wasn’t a dumb character and it will be in repeats for a long time. Again if she has a manager who is not falling asleep, they would use her fame and try to get her another show and book her on tv show for singing.
          Ariana had a manager who was sleeping so she started putting out youtube videos of her singing. and doing other things teen girls like to see. She got more popular and then got a record deal.

          • Zaina777

            Someone with confidence wouldn’t have to go on someone elses show to gain fame and use people to be popular. She is and always will be insecure. All she has is her voice. Her personality sucks and she uses people for fame. Pretty soon people will see past her amazing voice and see the girl for who she is. Victoria will and always will be seen as more mature because she is past Nick and she looks her age. Ariana is trying to be a wannabe and make her name be heard out there. If she was smart she should change her voice and her style because all she is now is a Mariah Carey wannabe. She has the voice and has potential to have her own style. She should be herself and be nice to people and be original. Those things can go along way for people

  • Lisa

    Ariana should stick to singing, her acting will not go anywhere after Nickelodeon.

  • RegReach

    She honest at least
    since children telvsion seems to be nothing but a jump pad fr young girls to try and be singers esp disney but now that she gt her deal she should leave sam and cat, but then nick will have nothing

  • BrokenArrow18

    I really dont like her voice when s he talks so I prefer her singing lol

  • -A

    why is she saying this now, is sam and cat even on still. i just dont like her anymore

  • kristina

    Never liked her as an actor, so that´s fine. Her personality sucks, She´s basically says she used nickelodeon for record deal, she acts fake and blames victoria for canceling the show, she dates another guy after a month break up. Her “sweet” thingy going on with her is a big noo! ungrateful brat. Great vocals though :D

    • Zaina777

      Thank you. She seems so fake and she is a user to get to her fame.

  • soblue1234

    she is sooooooooooo fake
    a real true two face!!
    and there are so many more good, better, greater singers then her

  • David

    I was a fan of Ariana Grande’s on Youtube. So I was sitting here when this show called Cat and Sam came on. I instantly recognized Ariana and just as quickly recognized her stupid character voice was different. I could not bear this show for another minute as I just turned it off. Good God that has to be the worst show I’ve ever seen. They were trying to get some autograph from someone who turned out to be a douche. Anyways, the humor was god awful, the voice acting by Ariana was just pitiful and the whole unrealistic storyline of this show is terrible. Worst show I think I’ve ever seen. That voice was the most annoying thing I’ve heard in a LONG TIME.

  • Maria

    You can just quit acting instead of complaining about it like a 5 year old.