Demi, ‘Nick Jonas Is Helping Plan My Tour’

‘The Jonas Brothers will be in my life forever.. I think people are too hard on Joe, the thing is I may get mad at him and he may get mad at me. But the thing is, we make up, because they’re going to be in my life forever.

I even told him yesterday, ‘Kinda rude, but I still love you and don’t do it again.’ But at the same time he is such a great guy and he has a really good heart. I had a million chances to tell my story and this his first time doing a tell-all so I say good for him.’

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  • anon

    lol in my laugh

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I saw this before OU corrected it… they can be such idiots lmfao.

  • cerenagee

    Of course. He loves managing.

  • JJ456

    So in one sentence she said: “people are too hard on Joe, but he is so rude, but he has a right to tell his story but don’t do it again, but he is like my brother but I get mad at him but he is a great guy”. I think Demi should think before she talks, or maybe she just likes to hear herself talking.

    • duh

      What? What she’s saying is that people have their flaws, Joe can be rude sometimes but they’re friends and despite fighting they love each other. Don’t you know how to read? A person doesn’t need to just depreciate someone or just talk good things about them. Demi is real and it’s great.

      • Q

        Sorry they are not best friends joe jonas has a lost friends and best friends Demi is not the only one

        • Uio

          Yeah joe jonas is not discriminate to others friends

          • Ty

            Why you say that ? Friends dosent love to one another they don’t have favorites they are just friends joe jonas he loves blanda his girlfriend

      • Ffghjbh

        They love each other ? Sorry but joe jonas loves blanda not Demi and love is about boyfriend and girlfriend not friends

  • Rah

    I think Joe had every right to share that Demi and Miley pressured him into trying weed, if that’s what happened. The fact that neither have denied it makes it seem more legitimate.

    • JJ456

      Of course he does and Demi really needs to STFU and stop using Joe to play the victim, she is NO victim, far from it!

      • Tash

        People have been giving Joe heat, when both girls are known drug abusers or former addicts. So it isn’t like it’s a shock. It’s only surprising that he did it with them. And it wasn’t even done in a malicious way. You can just sense there’s a lot on his mind and a lot he needs to get off his chest to feel free and just be himself. She needs to not be perceived as some angel that have him a free pass. During her tour days and rehab days it was tough on them too. They still chose to work with her even though she was out of control person and be her friend even when she pushed them away. Even through rehab, ahe let them look like the bad guys and never came to Joe’s defense even long after when people still blamed him. Only now when he opens his mouth, she opens hers. Yeah, very convenient. She let him take thr fall and he being the guy he is, just kept quiet and left it, just like he always does. But now you can see hes done with that. It hurts. People don’t stop attacking. Sometimes its true, the truth will set you free. And he isn’t be honest in any negative way. And for demi to say she was mad at Joe yet she plans a tell all is hypocritical and kinda vindictive, given her saying it in the same breath as her addressing what Joe said, although who knows her true intent with the statement. Even though she did give him a warning with a chuckle. Kinda freaky actually. And lastly, I dont think Joe meant much by it. Just wanted to show that he isn’t perfect and made mistakes and just more so wanted to reveal what a double life he almost had to lead and how trapped or pressured to be perfect he felt. Thats what his point was more so. I highly doubt he even wanted to relay any feeling of peer pressure. He’d probably laugh that off if someone asked him that. He was just telling a story, so he was kinda quoting them and telling how it went down and came to be.

    • Zaina777

      Joe wasn’t a little boy though. He was almost an adult at that point in his life.

      • Zaina777

        Where as they were both so much younger than him. He should have had friends his own age or outside of Disney or he should have been able to think for himself and not listen to them.

        • JJ456

          I don’t think he is blaming them, he was simply explaining how it happened….and nowhere in his interview he denies that it was HIS choice to do it.

          • Zaina777

            He rarely took the blame for anything that he did though. Also, another thing he didn’t have to name names. That was his choice. I think it’s a bit ridic that he named Miley and Demi but the the kissing Disney girl. I mean we could have read through the lines without him saying anything. It’s like he was saying that girl was more important than they were without actually saying it. Also, he knew how that revalation could implicate their younger fans who still are to naive and innocent to know what is going on or still follow them and watch their show.

            You know what really bugs me though. When he said that he and Demi were never real. I personally think that hurt Demi. Do you know why? Right after she tweeted I love you brother. Imagine saying that to your ex. No matter how close you are as friends or family now. I think it was a cover up remark to what he said. Think about it Brother really? They dated and looked totally in love. She had never ever prior to this moment called him brother. It’s a bit weird.

            I think she didn’t know at all that they were fake. They looked genuinely happy. I truly think she was happy with him. Imagine being told the whole thing was fake out of nowhere and you didn’t even hear it from your former significant other.

            He acted like he had to date her when she was doing drugs. She needed him to be stable and calm? I don’t think so because did she not go off the rails along that time line.

            You could tell that he didn’t care about either her or Miley because he mentioned their name more than once and Selena’s none. The kissing girl was still unamed.
            I am just saying he knows how to make himself seem like the victim when he isn’t and he knows that he isn’t.
            The people who hate Dylan and Demi. Think about this?

            Why would Joe come out now and not his brothers. They left Disney for more than three years I reckon. Yet now he feels like he has to say something now when his album was a funk and he and his brothers disbanded. Really, he just wants attention and he knows all of their lives even Selena’s are far more interesting and scandalous than his will ever be. That is why is he playing the victim in all of this. That Disney controlled. I don’t get it at all to be honest with you.

          • Zaina777

            not the kissing Disney girl*

          • Zaina777

            I don’t get why she got special treatment but Miley and Demi didn’t. No matter what we know about them now.

  • Sandy

    Joe has the right to tell his story, but Demi has the right to get mad at the things he said… Not for being lies or anything, but for exposing her in some way…
    People are defending one or another, but both are right…
    I think that Demi meant to say: “Look, I didn’t like to hear what he said and I wish he haven’t said those things, but he has the right to do…”
    I can understand her… I would not like to know that my ex said to all people that we know that he was unhappy with me… But I would respect him… and try to get over…

  • RedneckAtHeart

    I hope it doesn’t nosedive like his career… I have high hopes for her.

  • Anon

    He favorited her tweet about inspiration.

  • KK

    wow nick is helping with her song ?poor nick poor jonas oh well

  • N.E

    Am i the only one who cant access this video???