Girl Breaks Down Watching Selena Cry

Selena Gomez’s #1 Australia fan had an emotional breakdown of tears while watching Selena crying while watching a video the fan [Which IS the girl who is crying] sent into The Hot Hits. Watch Selena cry watching the fan’s video under.

  • lolumadhuh

    these fangirls man…. smfh

    • Clauber

      Yeah her cute fans!

  • xxxChloejxxx

    it was cute to see she cared so much about what selena said, so much that she was crying! aw.
    but that kid in the background was annoying af!

  • wtvs

    Absolute psycho…. Celebrity worship needs to stop

    • Dara

      Oh fucking shut up. She doesn’t “worship” Selena, she idolizes her. If your idol acknowledged you, you’d probably be crying too. I’m not a Selena fan, but what she said to her fan was very sweet. You’re probably just jealous because you know no one will ever idolize you in this way.

      • wtvs

        LOOOL, are you kidding me? ”I’m very jealous” because no one will idolize me? THANK GOD nobody will idolize me, thank you God I have a brain of my own, thank God I am mature and grown up enough to know what’s wrong and right with society! Idolizing celebrities is wrong in my opinion and always will be

        • Dara

          Bitch, do you even know what idolize means? It means to admire or revere someone. It is completely ok it admire someone. And plus she’s like what? Fourteen? She isn’t mature yet! She doesn’t have to be! She can admire whoever the fuck she wants! But I guess you aren’t “mature and grown up enough” to realize that are you?

  • Guest

    Sometimes I really think that fans lay it on thick with their emotions

  • RedneckAtHeart

    That’s a bit much.. Was Selena talking about her or something?

    • Mel

      well… it was HER video that selena was watching… don;t blame the girl for crying, i would to if my fav. celebrity seen my video lol!

      • RedneckAtHeart

        That’s what I was asking. I would freak a bit, but not break down like that..

        • Elle

          Maybe because it’s your favorite and you love that person, but when someone sees someone else as an idol, it’s different.

  • Mellz89

    Adorable :) if selena sees my video for her.. id probably scream and cried too cuz shes my idol. I dont worship her,i adore her..

  • Cici

    That’s a little much.

    • Elle

      I don’t think so. I’m not even a Selena fan, but she watched her video and made her cry, of course she was going to cry. Maybe you don’t understand because you’re older or don’t have an “idol” to care that much, but yeah.

      • :)

        Question is, why did she video tape herself watching a selena video of her crying? 15mins. of fame are up babe.


    Crying over celebrities is so fucking stupid and should never be okay. She’s gonna look back at this in 10 years and be embarrassed. At the end of the day, they’re people just like you and I; they put their pants on one leg at a time. Why people worship other people is beyond me. Smh

    • fuck off

      Beyond you, you said that. Not beyond her, so shut the fuck up.


        Take your own advice? As IF I can’t share my completely valid opinion on a gossip site.

        • okk…

          I didn’t give any?

  • Silver

    What on earth was going on with Jack?

    • idk

      Sometimes little kids cry when they see their siblings cry. I have no idea lol. He seemed frustrated with that ipad too. But he was adorable.

      • Silver

        lol… At one point he actually looked at the screen, then his sister and then he started bawling…
        The best reactions are when they throw themselves onto the floor…. aaah kids.

  • Lauren

    To these people saying its pathetic to cry over a celebrity, it’s not. I can’t say I ever have, but that’s because no one has ever said anything like that to me. But I will say if Any of the Jonas brothers did something like this for me, there’d be tears because when I was going through a rough time they were there for me. Their music helped me through it. And Selena just might have done this for this girl. She could be her inspiration to do things that are hard for her. So please don’t judge. I find this very touching and makes me like Selena more than I already did !

  • shawn

    her brother was adorable hahahahah


      he was hilarious!


    i am obsessed with this video

    • Dara

      Love the avatar, lol

  • laura

    one time me and my dad were watching a documentary about one direction fans and all of a sudden all those girls started crying and my dad said this: ‘those parents have failed miserably raising their children.’
    I’m pretty sure my dad would say the same about this video and if he doesn’t, then I will.

    • laura

      also, which sane parents gives their fucking toddler a tablet? the kid is just hitting it?
      bad parenting imo.

  • yourfavorite

    God I wish that toddler would shut up.

  • kirbs

    I mean I remember bawling my eyes out when I got a response to my fan mail from Danielle Panabaker