Justin Bieber ‘I’m Retiring’

Justin Bieber said he’s ‘retiring’ after new album. Happy or mad? Preview from Lil Baby’s final album under! Justin Bieber is being sued by photographer Jeffrey Binion who claims one of Bieber’s bodyguads choked him and stole his camera equipment back in June.

Binion’s attorney is set to grill Justin in a videotaped deposition next month and Bieber’s responded with a legal request for the depo to be kept under lock and key, reports TMZ. Bieber’s lawyers feel ‘it is highly likely that the entire deposition will be published to the public.’

Their concern is the questioning will include lots of topics unrelated to the case. Translation: they don’t want a video of Justin talking about all his juvenile antics getting out to the world.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Is he serious ?

    • Username

      Highly doubt it.
      He should take a year off though, but not retire. I actually like his music now, people just don’t want to admit it got better :)

      • Duckyhoward15

        I agree and thank you <3 but a year off is a bad idea look at Jonas :(

    • plz

      We hope so…

  • JUG

    It’s actually a good idea. Go away for a couple of years and come back as a “new” Justin Bieber. As long as he’s around, his image as the teen idol who tried to act gangsta will never go away. It worked for Alanis Morrissette who was a pop princess in her teens but returned after an extended brek as a credible singer-songwriter in her early 20’s. I think the only problem is that Justin’s ego may be too big for him to be able to stay away from the spotlight for 2 years.

    • Ciara

      He will take a year off obviously, but not retire lmao we all know he has yet to achieve his many goals, simply should grow out of this phase he is now of being a dick and come back when he gets it together.

  • live.love.learn.

    Our prayers have been answered. Praise the lorde

    • Guest

      You’re disgusting.

      • :P

        You’re lame…

  • Silver

    So many people are going to be so happy. What was wrong with him though? I mean he sounded so off…

    • Ciara

      Well it’s his career lmao of course if he’s for serious ( which I doubt ) he won’t be happy about it, because of those like you and the rest of the world talking shit about his hair,clothes,pants,voice,music,every breath he takes I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s tired of the wagon which will never hop off and leave him alone that he really will stop. But I doubt it, he made it this far ignoring it he can move on.

      • Silver

        lol… I actually meant sounded off… as in sick/unwell/ under the weather… lol.
        Beliebers have sand in their vaginas for real… lmao.

        • Ciara

          Lmao, are you for real? Is everyone on this site thinking everyone’s a ”Belieber” simply cause they don’t hate on him all the time and call him names ? Grow up kiddo. I don’t criticize others simply because I have some dignity and am raised well.

          As for the sounded off comment, if you put it a different way then it wouldn’t sound the way it did. Your fault.

          • Silver

            lol… You would think the ‘what was wrong with him’ phrase would have done the trick… lmao.
            Get the sand out of your vagina kid. You are way too pressed. No one really cares about all that crap… Unless of course you really are a Belieber… lmao.

          • jay

            Grow up Ciara, you sound like a moron mate.

  • taty
    • Guest

      At least Miley has dignity to be mature about her ex.

      • Silver

        lol…. Selena… I remember exactly where I was when my sweet little angel turned into a bitter ex…
        Miley’s ex is so hot though… No one could ever shade Liam…. like seriously, He is almost heaven, what would you even say? Hair too shiny? Abs too sexy? Smile too seductive? Personality too cool? I just can’t…

        • Guest

          I think it happens when you’re hanging out too much with Taylor Swift.
          I used to be a fan until I grew up and realized she is a waste of money and time, 10 x better idols out there to look up too with actual talent too.

          • Silver

            I still adore the kid… she will make mistakes here and there and learn from them. She is just 21. Hope she grows up and leaves music though…. I seriously want her to focus on her clothing line, acting. UNICEF and other charities… this music business is too out there… way too much drama. It is exhausting.

          • laura

            just 21?
            She should’ve been acting responsible by the age of 16, considering the fact that that’s the age you’re allowed to drive a fucking car in America.
            So now that she’s 21, she should definitely be able to be a responsible adult. But apparently, she’s too juvenile for that.

          • Silver

            A couple of names
            1. Demi Lovato
            2. Joe Jonas
            3. Miley Cyrus
            4. Lindsey
            5. Britney

            All were over 16 when they made terrible mistakes that we do not crucify them for. Let them live, let them have fun. You can be 25 and still be immature…. you not knowing that age does not determine maturity proves that. Now I have important stuff to get to so don’t bother replying, I really can’t be bothered.

          • Thinking Individual

            Funny how when it comes to Selena the excuse is always there she’s growing up but soon as Bieber breaths you trash him like your life depends on it. Talk about hypocrites and double standards.

          • laura

            the worst thing about it is that selena is already 21 so there’s little to no growing up left to do.

          • Silver

            If you think people do not (or have little) to grow up after 21 you are in for a mind blowing experience…. Look at Henry Ford, Bill Gates… When did they grow up and start making something serious of themselves? lol, kids.

          • .

            yet you have bashed bieber even though he’s only 19 even younger then selena for every breath he took you’ve made an reason to talk shit about him hahahahah what a fucking tool you are dude the level of your double standards is impressing me i am speechless

          • Silver

            Yeah, because I don’t like him. You can bash Selena and defend Justin if you want, it is a free world! I am certainly not going to hold you back.

          • laura

            what the hell? Ford started working his butt of when he was 14 or something, he’s always been mature and responsible.
            Same for Bill Gates.
            Don’t they teach you that at school?
            Also, I’m not saying Selena should start inventing things but she should start acting as a responsible adult instead of a 14 year old girl.

          • Silver

            Read his book.
            No need to tell her what to do, she will do what she wants. Just like everyone else. It is her human right.

          • Silver

            Of course I am a hypocrite. We all are! Who cares? I like Selena more than Justin, I like Miley more than Justin and I will always excuse them…. nothing you can do about it….lol. Take it easy, everyone has favourites.

          • Thinking Individual

            Wrong not everyone is a hypocrite.
            I can use common sense without being biased.
            Oh you’re so cool now lol ( not )
            I don’t understand people like you at all, excuse your faves for everything but trash others ? Nothing else to say about that than stupid and ignorant. Those two are bad for you when you grow up you’ll see why. Until then you’ll think you’re better and cool just because of being a hypocrite.

          • Silver

            lol. You are not a hypocrite? Watch what you say hun, I might just prove you wrong very soon. lmao. Everyone lies, everyone has prejudices, everyone has favourites and that is life… that is what makes it interesting. Imagine if we were all Beliebers?

          • .

            when I thought you couldn’t be more an ass you’ve just proven me wrong. but you call out other people when they’re making excuses for someone else and call them names lmao what a tool

          • Silver

            lol… dude, chill. Do what you want. I don’t like Justin and I can say what I want about him…. Just as you can say what you want about Selena, Miley, Taylor or anyone else I like.

  • anongirl

    I wouldn’t be against the idea, but he definitely ins’t serious.

  • Ee

    Wow finally he is retired I can’t belive lest celebrate everybody

  • Guest

    As usual the OU’s readers are being cunts and are happy as if he’s done THAT bad. Simply because of being blind followers of media and reading everything and believing it.

    His music was never that bad at all, its simply people’s biased perspective because it’s him they won’t admit it’s pretty good.

    Don’t get your hopes up, he will probably take a year off and should to get his shit together and simply figure things out, he is working since 14 and now he’s 19, he needs to take a rest , get a new girl and just chill in all money he made by far. A year off is needed in his case I highly doubt he is actually serious for entire career.

  • Well

    I think he’s laughing at people who are believing it.
    Any person who actually was keeping up this year can simply come to an conclusion he will take time off and probably go back home and figure things out.
    Justin Bieber handled all of this sick hatred from all over the world since 14, he is 19 now and I am sure he will keep up ignoring it and handling it. No matter how good he might become in future he will be hated simply because of the society’s views of him. He has enough time to chill and think about his life.

    You people don’t get it, the only sheeps are you. Blind followers of the media, media chooses what to show you, they’re controlling you and your views of everything. If you dig in deeper and search for the real truth you will be surprised how much different it is then what you at first believed in. Media will be on his ass even while on break but not as much , hopefully.
    I never will understand the point of hating on celebrities and wishing them death and criticizing their every move. Put yourself in their shoes, money is nothing, it can go away always, but their happiness is something delusional.

    What you say about others says more about you then them.
    I hope Justin Bieber really uses his time off and becomes a person I believe he truly is, break ups can be hard specially for those who were really in love, find a new girlfriend and do what God gave you talent for.

  • yeahyeahyeah


  • Godney


  • rez

    he was high. an advice for him and his team if you are doing an interview make sure that you are sober. also i don’t think his record company or manager would want him retiring. because then you can squeeze more money out of him.

  • laura

    You know, good for him.
    It’ll be good for the kid. He’ll finally be able to be a ‘normal’ kid for a while, think about the mistakes he has made and become a real adult.
    I’m glad he decided that because it’s what’s best for him.

  • Tash

    Do you think that this could hype for the album and basically so that everything he puts out and does sells out and then some, due to people thinking it’s his last? You know, basically yet another brilliant strategic move by team bieber. Or maybe he’s in a bad spot and can’t see the future? Which could mean forever, but also could just mean some time off. Somehow I just think it’s hype mixed with maybe a need to take a break. But it’s great strategy. Bieber will sell like crazy and keep selling after he supposedly retires. Then a year from now or maybe two, he’ll say he was so young and just under pressure and needed a break and did a lot of growing up in that time and he’ll be back with a whole new angle, a whole new story to sell in interviews and plenty of time to have worked on himself as an artist and new music. All the while having chilled out for a little while before this and majorly cashed in because he deemed it retirement. Hes 19, he loves the fame and being king bieber, he hates not being on top(which could also be a reason here since his popularity and positive reception is dying and it allows for a big come back), he’s a major cash cow. So it’s definitely not over. Dont care what he claims.

    • Thinking Individual

      Seriously? Why the hell you care so much? Damn.

  • Cici

    high af…but good! He needs that. He’s in a position where he can stop & whenever he decides to come back he will still be successful. Hopefully he grows up some, and gets real friends, maybe falls in love so he can get out of this rut.

  • PickAName

    I can only imagine being in his shoes, so many people trolling him since he started out and are praising Jesus he said this like he’s some criminal or a killer or actually that bad person he simply messed up few times what the hell is wrong with this society? Celebs have done worse then him but got forgiven meanwhile double standards for him exist and everything he does is just bad. You keep forgetting public sees what media chooses to show. Media doesn’t show his good side,it doesn’t sell paper. Too bad so many sheeps are worshiping media and hate on celebrities so much specially Bieber.
    I feel so sad to know he might give up on his dreams and people are glad about it…I don’t even like this guy man but just now I stopped and though about it. If I was him and lived my dreams, loved music and only wanted to enjoy my life and career I’m blessed with and everyone wants me to fall down and never come back. I would feel like shit. People wishing me death every day making up lies about me hating on my girlfriends and shit. I would cry every night if I was him, fuck the money, money means nothing when you’re treated this way he is. Disgusting. The world it used to be full of love and respect to others is gone, only disrespectful trolling idiots feeling good about themselves putting other people down. Shame on you.
    I hope he won’t forever retire, he with a ”Never Say Never” and ”Believe in your dreams” message, so much talent just to give it all up like that? No. I don’t even like him, but I’m not heartless, just hearing it from his voice made me sad I don’t even know why :O

  • Hollyhysteria

    He sounds so high.

    • Well

      I guess now he can’t even talk normally without being called high. Hilarious.

      • Hollyhysteria

        He does sound high. I never said he WAS high. I said he SOUNDS so high.

  • Zaina

    You know I don’t partically like this douche. Yeah, I was mean to him too. You know what though good for him. Maybe, if he’s serious. He should go back home to Canada and just chill there and then he can return later and be a grown man with manners.

  • amen


  • boystan

    thank god

  • praise