Nick & Olivia Jonas With Baby Picture!

nick-olivia-jonas-baby-picturesprovidencediamond: Look who stopped by #ProvidenceDiamond today!..

Just hanging out with Lily, the princess herself.

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  • Zaina777

    It’s happening…

    • jessica gonzalez

      I don’t think so honestly!

      • Tash

        Jessica don’t waste your breath on this Zaina person. They speak of common sense yet they support rumours that have absolutely no backing evidence. Theyre just trying to stir the pot(most probably due to them not being a Jonas fan) & get you worked up& make you look like a ridiculous nick Stan & like they’re so intelligent & “reasonable”. These people have the same tactics as Oceanup. They like to tease at Jonas fans in the hopes that its really bugging you. Most of the time other subjects will come up & they go full force Jonas hate. Like people will say she’s using him, he’s dumb to be with her, then they’ll say absurd shit like Nick broke up JB for her etc etc(oh and Nick haters or Joe stans or just Jonas haters, FYI NICK didn’t break them up, it was COLLECTIVE. Lets be real, Kevin wouldn’t have wanted to properly carry on after the baby anyway. He was holding Joe and Nick back. His wife already had him at home for 3 years and still bitched about the reunion, and we know she wears the pants). But anyway, I know the ploy. I dont argue anymore. Theyre a waste. Same old shit, different day *yawn*

        • Zaina777

          No, I do have common sense. I don’t like how these stupid Jonas Brother stans act like they live with the Jonas Brothers or are inside of all of there heads. Do you know Nick? Do you know Olivia? No. They have no idea who Jessica or Naomi or any other obsessed fans are. If they are gonna be together then they are gonna be together. She is getting worked up over people she doesn’t even know and will probably never know. It isn’t normal the way they they act. I remember someone said “Oh, Nick baby she is using you.” What the fuck? She acts as if she was personally victimized by Olivia or that she is some evil witch. Why wasn’t Miley or Delta then. She is not. Even if she was in the end Nick Jonas can’t hear your pleas to him and nor will he ever.

          Let them learn their lesson if there is a lesson to be learned. If not then shut the fuck up and leave them alone.

          As a fan you shouldn’t judge who they are with and you sure as hell shouldn’t act as if you know them personally in anyway shape or form
          Get off of your high horse. You are enabling this behaivour.

          • Zaina777

            and it’s not right. In the end all you know about the Jonas Brothers is through what they give to you through their entertainment. For all you know they could be douches. Look at Justin. Just because you think you know someone doesn’t mean that you do. You shouldn’t judge any of their girlfriends unless you know them personally or even met them.

    • jessica gonzalez

      Who are you? Either Olivia or a friend of her or a family member who are so hungry for fame?

      • Zaina777

        No, I am a person with common sense.
        Are you Mrs. Nick Jonas?

  • Zaina777

    Oh, and she looks like Victoria Justice.

  • Zaina777

    Nolivia forever <3

  • ANON


  • threelittlebirds

    Aww!! So adorable!!

  • jessica gonzalez

    hahaha lol Ocean Up!!! Olivia Jonas really?? hahaha that’s not gonna happen!! yeah I remember when you posted Delta Jonas too

    • Zaina777

      Olivia Jonas…Deal with it.

      • jessica gonzalez

        I don’t think that will ever happen…sorry.

        • Zaina777

          Thank for your wise words future Mrs. Nick Jonas…get over yourself. If it happens then it happens and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

          • me

            I personally agree with you. she is a normal girl with a normal job. she did want to be famous at some point then changed her mind now she just works for extra. shes always with nick i see a wedding.

          • anon


  • anon

    Blanda got a manager.

    • jessica gonzalez

      Blanda Jonas ,I like that!

  • Guest

    Nick Jonas NOT Proposing To Olivia Culpo Over The Holidays, Despite Wrong Report

    Nick Jonas is NOT proposing to Olivia Culpo, despite a WRONG report from Hollyscoop.

    On Tuesday, the webloid claimed Jonas and the 2012 Miss Universe “could be getting engaged over the holidays.”

    A supposed “source” for the blog says, “Nick has told his family he
    wants to marry Olivia. It would not surprise me if it happens over

    The purported “insider” notes, “He thinks that she is The One, and
    all of his family loves her,” adding, “They were hesitant at first as
    Nick is their baby, but are now very supportive.”

    Well, don’t start popping the champagne quite yet.

    Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Jonas, who tells us it’s “completely false” that the singer is set to propose to Culpo any time in the near future.

  • cerenagee


    • JJ456

      She is pretty. What is she doing with that ugly loser?

  • Tash

    You know, I love Nick, so im definitely not a hater who stirs and talks proposals and shit. But if no one knew who they were, they could totally stroll around and people might believe that’s their kid. Doesn’t have strong similarities. But the kid also doesn’t have strong features that doesn’t look like them. They’d be a good looking family if one day they did settle down and have a kid. Come on, the mum being a former miss universe and the dad being a cutey who turned into a stud(don’t hate if he isn’t your type & fyi all the people I know are saying he’s become hot, since they know I’ve be on the nick train for years & they just thought he was cute or baby cute, even the industry is taking notice.)

  • jonas fan


    • RedneckAtHeart

      I told you already! He doesn’t have a bladder!!

      Which means…


  • RedneckAtHeart

    Oh geez.. You’re either going to get the crazy stans that ship them and will be like


    And then you will have the haters that will be like…


    I say, let them be and let the relationship run its course…

  • Uio

    Well Olivia culpo she is not pretty she has the face like a regular woman she is not like wow look it that woman please