Ariana ‘I’m Kabbalist W/ Christmas Tree’

ariana-grande-christmas-treeariana-grande-retiringAriana Grande: 4 Jews and a Kabbalist decorate a Christmas tree. Are any of you non-Christian and still celebrate Christmas? Ariana Grande also said that she is not retiring from acting. Ariana previously told Complex that she ‘never liked acting’.

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  • Rah

    I’m athiest and celebrate Christmas.

  • hghgh

    Most non-Christians in North America still celebrate Christmas. But lol @ people like Ariana who abandon the delusions of Christianity only to turn around and embrace the delusions of some other completely bullshit religion.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Well, I’m Christian and I celebrate Christmas. Shocker, right?

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Most Christians I know don’t actually go to church or anything and just celebrate the major holidays. You can have your own separate relationship with God and limit yourself from certain aspects of your religion but STILL be Christian instead of converting to another religion just to celebrate the most famous holiday (IMO) known to man. Did this make sense? I’m sorry, finals are killing me.

  • Samantha

    I’m atheist and I celebrate Christmas and I have Muslim friends and relatives who also like to celebrate it with me

  • liz

    yes, I’m agnostic (believe in God but don’ follow a particular religion) and i still celebrate xmas with my Catholic step family. most people i know don’t go to Church or mass, they don’t really do anything to celebrate Jesus’ bday. it seems to be all about presents… lol.

    • Ashley

      That is not what agnostic means, if you believe in God but don’t follow a particular religion, you are a Christian (someone who believes in God) Christianity is NOT a religion (i’m a christian, a part of the baptist religion). Agnostic means not knowing, it means that nothing can be known about the existence of God, basically, you are not denying the existence of God but not confirming it either. So in short, you’re a Christian. Just wanted to clear that up haha i’m not trying to be rude or anything. :)

      • amy

        Actually, things still need to be cleared up. Yes, you correctly defined agnostic, but you are incorrectly defining Christianity. Being a christian doesn’t men you believe in a god in general. It means you believe in a very specific god: the God of Abraham (the same god as Muslims and Jews). Being a christian means that you also believe that Jesus is God’s son. Believing in god does not make you a christian.

  • threelittlebirds

    can we get over this already? everybody celebrates christmas, except if you’re jewish or jehovah’s witness. religion doesn’t even have anything to do with christmas anymore. all people care about is presents.

  • Lisa

    Honestly, it bugs me when people who are really against Christianity celebrate Christmas. It’s like someone who isn’t Muslim celebrating Ramadan.

    • laura

      why? most christians don’t even celebrate christmas to honor christ but just because it’s such a cosy holiday.
      et en plus, ramadan isn’t exactly a ‘holiday’ so you don’t exactly celebrate it, the eid ul-Fitr is. And that, I celebrate as well because our neighbours are muslims and they always invite me and my family.

  • Jen

    It pisses me off that she went out of her way to denounce christianity and then goes and releases a christmas album and performs at the JingleBall and markets off of it. It just goes to prove how fake and commercial christmas has become

    • amy

      Yes, Christmas is commercial. I know that that pisses Christians off, but why does it matter that much? Christmas is commercial, but it is also about giving, charity, family, and so many other great things. Why shouldn’t everybody be able to celebrate those good things?

  • laura

    I’m an atheist and I celebrate Christmas.
    Not to celebrate Christ or something but just because it’s such a cosy holiday that brings your entire family together :) and you eat turkey and bouche de noêl, drink champagne and whine. Best holiday there is!

  • Sk

    Well I’m a Muslim and I don’t celebrate Christmas. Well we don’t believe that Jesus was born on that day so why should we celebrate.

    • laura

      the muslims in my street celebrate christmas, not to celebrate jesus, but just because it’s a nice holiday.

    • amy

      I’m not saying you should celebrate Christmas, but lots of people celebrate secular Christmas. Christmas has become very separate from Christianity in many regards.

  • Lauren

    Alright people need to get over the fact that even those who aren’t practicing Christians celebrate Christmas. There are other meanings to it for people, like being with your family and friends. Maybe the commercialism of it can get annoying when people are just hyped over it cause it’s a chance to get presents (not gonna lie, that part is good) but for the majority of people it’s about spending time with loved ones, which EVERYONE has a right to do.

  • Cici

    Why does religion even have to play a part in this? People celebrate it in their own way. It shouldn’t even be thrown out like that imo.

  • Noel Vermander

    We are the christmas tree, Repent , untie her and then she will be fit for the true ornaments, and treasures within! Christmas is here! All glory to Our father in heaven ! The morning star is born at the top of my tree! Praise the Lord!!!