Bieber Not Retiring, Just Desperate

justin-bieber-confident-music-video (2)Unfortunately, Justin Bieber is NOT retiring, you will see more and more of him over the next few years talking about how Selena Gomez dumped him. His mananger told Access Hollywood: ‘This is the fun thing about these Vines [videos] people post: they’re only a certain amount of time, so they cut off before the rest of the statement when he says ‘just kidding,’’.

He hasn’t taken time off since he was 12.. he knows he wants it, and wants to spend time with this family. His younger brother and sister are starting to grow up and he doesn’t want to miss their childhood. I think for his wellbeing at 19, 20 years old, [it’s good for him] to take time for himself, to figure out who he wants to be.

I think he’s going through normal teenage stuff and he’s trying to fight this idea of wanting to be normal, but then the responsibility that comes with being who he is. We address all that in the film.

Justin’s new movie is what happens when you get knocked down.. this movie shows Justin facing adversity and how he’s really responding to it because no one’s really heard him speak with his own voice in a while now.’

UPDATED with pix from his hot new music video for Confident. Interview pix here!

  • aDfasdfsd


    and i thought all the fangirls were gonna come out of their bieber addiction and join the duff treatment center in 2014

  • No


  • bye

    way to get my hopes up… fuck you bieber

  • g

    How this idiot ever became famous to begin with? No talent, bad personality, looks like an anorexic girl. The tween girls who made him famous have horrible, HORRIBLE taste. They should hang their hands in shame.

    • IDK im a Belieber

      okay well calm yourself. his fans rant just teens I’m 18 and know a lot of people who are older than 17 who love him. he doesn’t even look like an anorexic girl, he has muscle yeah he might not be that big but a lot of people in the entertainment world are his size and no one says anything about them. i think i had really good taste in music just cause what i like isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean its bad. i don’t prefer rock but I’m not gonna hate on a band or say that the people who like rock have bad taste in music….

  • anon.

    I just wanna say that this site is the most immature site ever, I’ve never seen anything so stupide , bitches like you should either deliver the truth without hating or picking sides or they could just shut the fuck up and keep their mouths shut and their hands off of the keyboard , but because you people are a bunch of heartless bitches who just love whoring around for attention ,you’re not even going to bother reading this

    • IDK im a Belieber

      Right?!?! i thought the same thing…..

    • Ciara

      I don’t even like JB that much but I agree, people are so rude and heartless when it comes to him. Believe every single bs story that comes out

  • IDK im a Belieber

    Im glad he’s not leaving he has helped so many people and i know personally people who have said justin helped them stop cutting. I think he needs a break though definitely but I’m glad that he isn’t leaving for good :)

  • Belieber 123

    you guys don’t know him…stop hating like for real he didn’t do anything to you. honestly if you seriously hate justin bieber then something is mentally wrong with you. you shouldn’t hate on anyone you don’t even know…like seriously get your life together its starting to get annoying.

    • JUG

      True. The only people who should be allowed to hate Justin Bieber are the neighbors who are disturbed by his late night parties and speeding on residential streets. And maybe the fans at that UK and Australia concert who missed the end of his show because he started so late. And perhaps the fans in Brazil who paid big bucks for the VIP but had to wait and wait only to be rushed through the meet and greet. Or maybe the owner of the restaurant where he pissed in the bucket. Other than those people, nobody should be hating on Justin. He gets his fans to give money to charity. Please buy his perfume.

  • Annoyed

    lol to everyone hating. your just jealous that seriously it though. you know that kid that gets bullied its cause people are jealous of them and your just jealous of him. how do you feel hating on a 19 year old you don’t even know. and OceanUp seriously? the title wasn’t needed… btw I’m 19 not some 12 year old..he does have older fans….you guys always just see the bad in him. do you even know how much good he does….no probably not.

    • threelittlebirds

      i’m so sick of people saying that because someone hates on a celeb they must be jealous. it’s such an overused insult.

  • ..

    why does the title say ‘desperate’
    fuck you OU. clearly you idolize selena and hate on others like Justin and miley.

    • cerenagee

      Aha because they deserve it?

      • Username

        No one deserves to be treated this way, sorry but you’re so heartless, Are celebrities humans too? Yes, I would love to see all of you dealing with their shit, wouldn’t last for 4 weeks would be in rehab 5’th one, shut up please.

  • cerenagee

    This is such a bad PR stunt to draw attention to his new movie. He’s not so nonchalant and smooth as he thinks he is mentioning it in the end. Like oh let me watch this fucking douche put on a performance for the world in this seemingly “heartfelt” movie that’s going to show me who the real biebs is. Pleaassseee.

  • martina

    When you guys write condescending comments toward Bieber ALL THE TIME, it makes me not want to come on this site anymore. Try not to always have snide comments when telling your readers information. Thanks.

  • BangBang

    But really though Scooter Braun is also very very desperate.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Seriously… he is such a scumbag. There was an article saying how much of a failure he is as a manager. He is great for launching a career, but has no ability to establish his artists’ longevity. Their debut single(s) and albums do great, but after that they pretty much flop — i.e. The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cody Simpson (complete flop) etc etc. Justin may be his exception, but even he is starting to flop now. I pray for Ariana, that she may prove to be an exception to his flop prophecy.

      • BangBang

        True that! And it’s kind of sad for the artists because they’re like ‘oh wow look what he did for Justin Bieber, he’ll probably be able to do the same thing for me’ but little do they know that he’ll just keep giving them attention until the buzz around them dies down. Can’t wait for these artists to do a tell all on Scooter Braun, I could see the Wanted doing such a thing :p .

    • JD

      Biebs needs a better manager and crew to take care of him, if he got signed by JT he would not be dealing with these shit rumors every day trust me

      • BangBang

        We’ll never know.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    My thing with Bieber is… the way they handle this entire situation. He is such a hot mess and treats people terribly. From pissing in a bucket, to racing his ferrari and doing interviews high as fuck — like can you have a bit of tack? idc who you are, but there is no excuse for it. You can say it’s because he grew up too fast in the spotlight and etc etc, but that’s honestly such bullshit and a scapegoat excuse.

  • .

    Bitch please, he mentioned Selena for the first time now. She kept running her mouth about him for months , shut up OceanUp stop licking her damn ass. NO bieber will save her career in next few years, she’s gone you’ll see

  • Dara

    I know this is kind of irrelevant, but Selena and Justin need to get over each other. And if it really was a publicity stunt, they need to stop. No one cares anymore! I’m sick of Selena subtly trashing him, and Justin whining in all of his songs about how Selena dumped him. Please, get a new publicity stunt

    • laura

      the thing is, those were written probably way back but only are now published.
      but I agree, they all just gotta stop it cuz it’s getting old. It’s not that difficult to move on.

  • Alii

    I see the Beliebers made multiple accounts to downvote. lol

  • boystan

    aw i got so excited

  • pily

    He should retire, i mean i think he deserves a rest