Bieber ‘Selena Was All That Matters’

Lil Bieby revealed: ‘All That Matters was written when I was in a great place in my relationship. And at that time, she was all that mattered. She’s a great woman. I love her, to this day. I think we are going to be the greatest of friends.’ Getting desperate..


  • Zaina777

    I really want Jelena to be endgame. I heard like a year or two or go that they would get married and have babies. I really and truly hopes that comes to fruition. They are meant to be. They looked the happiest when they were together.

    • Zaina777


      • Zaina777

        They should reunite already!

        • Zaina777

          I hope they realize that they were happiest when they were with each other.

    • Zaina777

      A psyhic said by the way.

  • Cici

    awww…my heart kinda broke a tiny bit. But damn, he is high af.

  • ano

    He didn’t even wrote All That Matters. Poo Bear wrote it.

    • LALA

      OMG! Finally someone says this! And people are thinking that “Alone” and “Bad” are his too. PooBear had these on a mixtape LAST YEAR (Beats2BreakUp2)!! I bet Bieber puts his own name in the credits though, how much do you want to bet. No integrity.

    • Thinking Individual

      He wrote 5 songs or 6 and Poo Bear did 4. Get over yourself, he still wrote half of those ;)
      Selena didn’t write Love Will Remember either lol

  • Duckyhoward15

    I actually respect him now , look at what she said and what he said

    • gg

      actions speaks louder than words

      • cerenagee

        Agreed. And hello has no one here been a bitter hurt ex before? A scorned woman is the worst.

        • Duckyhoward15

          She needs to keep it classy even if she was hurt

          • heyyo

            shut up kiddo, you obviously never experienced a broken heart, when a woman is heartbroken she acts tough and mean because its a shield. go back to school before discussing grown up things.

          • Duckyhoward15

            First I amn’t a kid second I experienced it alot , A lady keeps it classy but a hoe like you acts like she is a grown up and rude when in reality she is dating in her dreams .

          • Ciara

            Preach bby fuck Selena fans always making shitty excuses, Idgaf of Bieber being a douche he hasn’t single once disrespected Selena and he could diss her back but he has some DIGNITY unlike her, stupid girls making excuses for bitter bitches like all girls need to act and shade their ex and talk shit about them? NO. Bitter and stupid ones do it, if you wanna be really classy walk away laugh at it get over it keep it quiet and show maturity.

          • JD

            What a bs excuse for someone to act like a bitch and treat someone like shit

      • Duckyhoward15

        He said nothing wrong and did nothing wrong in fact he treated her really good

        • gg

          right? because taking VS models to his hotel room and in dates is so right when you’re supposed have a gf

          • lol you don’t even know that.. clearly you’ve read too many articles, and automatically assume that whats being said is correct. FYI, Barbara Pavin which was one of those “VS models” said herself on twitter that nothing happened and that she even had a boyfriend. That “date” was after him and selena broke up, and it was him & his friends, along with other models. They went to watch lion king :|

          • laura

            they weren’t even dating back then.

      • Ciara

        You have no evidence he by actions ever did anything bad to her homeboy.
        For your information she’s the one running her mouth, I gained so much respect for him now since no matter of how hurt he was and messing things up he kept respecting her. Read that word again, RESPECTING HER as a woman, meanwhile ”I made him cry hahahahaha”. Stfu please and stop with dumb excuses.

    • okay u tired

      i dont think he knew wat he was talking about since he so fucking high

      • Duckyhoward15

        I doubt we know

  • cerenagee

    Wow, I actually feel kind of bad for him.

  • lolumadhuh

    This is just fucking sad.

  • Rosemary

    Jelena = most annoying “couple” ever

    • JD

      At least it benefited to Selena’s career, she doesn’t need lil bieby anymore smh

  • Alii

    Maybe he’ll find a gal after he retires.

  • smh

    Was he high or why the hell does he talk like that?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      lmfao MOST DEFINITELY. He is whispering and so fucking ridiculous in this interview hahahah

  • boystan


  • boystan


    • laura

      what fame? she was no one until she started dating him.

      • boystan


        • laura

          wobboly place? trolololol.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    “I think we are going to be the greatest of friends.”
    That reach tho… Honey, think again. Selena is so done with you tbqh lmfao

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    He is higher than the fucking tallest mountain in the world. What is with that whispering nonsense HAHAHAH?! We can smell that dank ganja through the fucking computer.

  • alyshhh

    LOL DOES HE NEED TO WEAR SUNGLASSES INSIDE? like i do like this interview

  • rb

    Um hi, oceanup admin (or whatever)? Can you guys hire people who aren’t freaking obsessed with Selena Gomez and literally bash anyone that isn’t her? Because last time I checked, Selena was the one bringing him up (directly or indirectly) and shading him in interviews, so either tell the writers to grow the fuck up or hire non-opinionated people because this is ridiculous… it looks like a bunch of 12 year olds that are obsessed with Selena Gomez run this website.

  • ……

    “getting desperate” really OU? Nothing about this was desperate.. in fact he talked about her in a positive way

  • Silver

    I really feel sorry for Miley and Justin…. Selena and Liam do not seem to care at all.

  • Troll.

    “I love her, to this day”….
    Not gonna sit well with the crazy Beliebers

    • Silver


  • BangBang

    We all know you were ‘turnt up’ Justin

  • Sandy McFarlane

    LMAO I’m laughing so hard, what is he doing with his voice?? Trying to sound raspy or what

  • Username

    Can’t believe how biased people are.
    Bieber can’t even say nice things about Selena still OU’s readers trash him for no reason Selena can diss him and laugh at him on tv she is praised and who cares she was hurt? Did you ever think he was hurt too you dumbasses?
    For God’s sake do you all own a brain and a heart ? I guess no judging by your comments.
    And how the fuck is he even high here? Is now Bieber always high for your little brains ? He is simply talking , what the fuck is wrong with all of you? Come now thumb down my comment since I ain’t one of you pathetic passionate Bieber haters. Grow the fuck up people.

    • Ricardo

      Funny cause all I see is people hating on Selena :|

      • Unicorn

        Yeah right Selena’s always the poor victim right? Hop off her man, Bieber gets more hate then she will ever imagine getting, he does same as her she is getting pass but he isn’t, look around better. Specially on this site. Typical fanboy.

    • Silver

      I actually see a lot of positive comments here… Don’t know which one exactly riled you up, maybe I missed it? Saying he is high is not a diss, just a playful observation, we all know celebrities like to have a little fun with drugs here and there. Chill man. And so far no one has thumbsed you down.

  • laura

    oh he’s definitely high. probably wearing the sunglasses to cover up his red eyes. he kind of reminds of this guy that used to be in my class last year..
    anywho, I think it’s great he acts so mature about the break up instead of trashing her. the guy’s a good kid but he’s just making some really bad decisions..