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  • LaLa

    I don’t understand his strategy. He acted like such an enormous douche on the carpet. This is his last hurrah of this album cycle. Act right for one fucking day. For your fucking fans that lifted you to this place in the first place.

    • Username

      Oh please lmao, what did he do now to your little brains so you’re so upset with him, did he kill someone or what ?

    • Well

      Wait , really? He did nothing except posing and giving couple of interviews, how is he not acting right? Simply because he didn’t put a fake commercial smile entire time ? He’s normal the entire time on the carpet, damn you even becoming delusional now and making up everything just to make him look bad.

  • Duckyhoward15

    I am glad he didn’t show up wearing a christmas tree or holding it tbh

  • Anna

    You know someone is a total douche when their outfit and pose fits the part. He is the biggest jerk of all to his fans and they still adore him. I’m sorry, if I ever liked a celebrity that acted like him I would immediately stop liking them(Main reason I only like and support celebs that seem humble). How brainwashed do you have to be to not see that?

    • Well

      Bieber haters are always the first ones to comment and judge his entire personality based on his clothes. Stupid kids.

    • Username

      How brainwashed are you to literally judge someone and how they are just because of their clothes ?

    • Well

      Because his fans have better experience with him then people who dislike him, they follow and keep up with everything, not just the bad press his haters love to read honey. They have some common sense and realize he’s going through a phase and will hopefully learn from his mistakes, he is 19 and has a lot of growing up to do. Lay off, by the way his outfit is on point, simple blazer and pants red with glasses he can wear them if he wants too,clothes don’t make someone a douche just as they don’t make them a gentlemen either. Clothes do not define someone as a person, only in close minded stupid heads like yours.

  • anon

    His fans was so disappointed with him today. But I still didn’t understand what he did

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      how does he even have stans still? idgi…

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Is he wearing women’s sunglasses? They look very feminine lol…

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      right? he seems so completely uninterested with everything.

  • BangBang

    ‘T was nice of him to introduce his new artists to the lady interviewing him, but gosh was it so difficult to be a bit excited for your OWN movie? It’s not like the lady was asking any rude or uncomfortable questions that could possibly explain why he was acting that way, but oh well. On another not: Was that Kyle Massey?

  • .

    he looks good in red, his haters will always find something to talk bad about lay off and move on already if you don’t like him don’t read about him

  • .

    I actually wanna see this movie and see his side of the story, by far I’ve seen what the media decided to show, they ignored many facts and good things because it doesn’t sell, they’re always nasty to Biebs.

  • heisatool

    See how he push his mom for her no go on stage at 2:23 D:

    • Cici

      wow. He did push his mom…I feel bad for her. But the way he was smacking his gum & being an arrogant douche, along with those groupies behind him…he swears he is God’s gift to us. Definitely in need of a reality check. Cory with the house is behind him too…lol, omg.

      • laura

        I thought I recognized him! haha
        he indeed was cocky here :o there’s probably a reason for him ‘pushing’ her but still quite rude.

  • rez

    wow he’s like a slave owner. so many black dudes. i thought he was there owner when he arrived with all of them.

    • laura

      you’re sick.

  • anonymous

    no one noticed that he said him quitting music wasn’t a joke? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6avOhJ89I4#t=162 at 2:42

  • cerenagee

    A lot of Beliebers that went to this were pissed. He acted like a douche and didn’t even smile or really talk to his fans.

    Then on instagram last night he took a screenshot of a beliebers comment (didn’t even hide her username) and starts this whole victim speech about don’t judge me only God can judge me how are the people I hang out with a bad influence on me, just because they’re African American? This girls comment was a fan literally saying he’s changed because of the people he hangs out with and that they’re bad influences and use him. NOT ONCE did this fan even mention a single thing or even hint at anything regarding trace.

    Justin is a fuckig douchebag and now he’s resorted to condemning his fans? THE VERY PEOPLE WHO GOT HIM FAME TO BEGIN WITH???? That’s such a fucking joke. This kid is so unappreciative! He needs to just fucking go. I’m so done with him.

    • laura

      I’m gonna be happy when he’s back in canada.
      that way he can sort things out, become humble again rethink his priorities.
      the guy’s out of control.

      • cerenagee

        I was soooo pissed about the instagram picture last night that I literally tagged OU in it and was like really? It was so out of line! He could have at least hid her name, did not have a reason to even bring race into it and had no right condemning a fan for wanting whats best for him. Fucking bullshit. This kids head is stuck way too far up his own ass.

        • laura

          I swear, if only his fame started after he turned 18, he wouldn’t be so fucked up by now..
          Poor girl’s gonna get a lot of hate when in fact she was just stating the truth. I literally laughed when he said ‘god put these people in my life for a reason’. I can’t even…

  • boystan

    he looks like a hot ass mess