Miley To Host Beacher’s Madhouse In Vegas

miley-ugly (12)Miley Cyrus will host Beacher’s Madhouse preview on Dec. 27 in Las Vegas for it’s new show and cabaret nightclub. the same night that Britney Spears opens her two-year ‘Piece of Me’ residency show at Planet Hollywood. They will be together at both.

We also will get a preview of Miley’s new 38-city ‘Bangerz’ tour starting in Vancouver, B.C., on Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day) when she introduces at MGM Grand on Dec. 27 her favorite entertainer: one of the world’s tallest strippers, Amazon Ashley, a 7-foot-2 transvestite in heels (6-foot-7 without).

Miley, celebrating the 4-million-plus sales of her new album ‘Bangerz,’ also will feature a Mini-Miley at Beacher’s Madhouse. Fans of the scandalous Leonid the Magnificent will be thrilled to know that he will be back.

Jeff tells me the Dec, 27 preview with a $50,000 VIP bottle-service center table is already sold out. His star-studded gala and A-list party premiere with 20 costumed and black-tie celebrities is Dec. 31.

Jeff: ‘Expect the unexpected. I’m going to take the Madhouse and live entertainment to new levels with never-before-seen acts. And there’s no better place to debut my masterpiece than at the famed MGM Grand and with the most beautiful and talented music goddess on the planet, Miley Cyrus.’

  • Cici

    “Music Goddess” bahaha.

  • :)

    She’s one busy little girl!!!