Nick & Joe Life After Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas told about NY Mag interview: ‘There’s no like master plan behind it or anything like that. It was just stuff I wanted to kind of speak about. I think it was kind of a fun, relieving way of doing that. It’s stuff you can’t necessarily put in a song…It was fun to kind of express to people my journey.

I wrote this for myself and put it out there so people could kind of get a picture, a little bit more of a picture of what my life was like. When you first read it, because it’s so open.. I think there was a little bit of a nervous feeling around the household. But at the end of the day, my parents know who I am and they know everything that’s in there already and I guess you could say they’re proud of their son.’

Nick: I want to experiment freely and open up new windows of creativity. I think we’re all in a good place. We know we made the decision as a group and now we’re each excited about our own opportunities and what can happen there and prioritizing being brothers first. And it’s a little scary, and a little sad, but more than anything it’s a nice next step we’re focused on.’

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  • in jesus name i pray amen

    While Joe was talking, Nick was ENTIRELY uninterested lmfao. This interview was entirely uninformative, they basically repeated what they’ve been saying and are completely vague about all their plans forthcoming.

    • JJ456

      Of course Nick was uninterested, he only cares about himself. He actually looked pissed that Joe got more questions than he did, lol. Anyway, Joe is a class act and a sweetheart, his parents should be proud, he is a fine young man. (SAY NO TO DRUGS!)

    • BangBang

      MTE! I think Nick doesn’t like to share the attention and just acts uninterested when he’s not in the spotlight. Kind of sad

      • anon

        Nick is uninterested in anything that’s not about Olivia as well. If Joe was talking about her he’d be paying all kinds of attention.

        • BangBang

          Well, I mean I don’t really care if he’s actually interested or not but he could’ve at least acted like he was interested causeit comes across as being rude.

  • pily

    I will miss them alot :( but at the same time i want to see what are the new proyects for the 3 of them

    • ashleyofcourse

      ill tell you whaat i miss: gas prices circa 1992.

  • jonas fan


    • igaf

      shut up

  • jonas fan


    • ashleyofcourse

      the yellow bear? yeah possibly.
      idk ill send him a fan letter and ask.

  • Lauren

    Yeah .. Kevin’s too busy being pussy whipped to do anything else.

  • Ann

    so since joe has already discussed everything that was in the article with his parents…i wonder what they thought about his extensive drug use from age 16 ?? Or the whole “being unable to keep it in my pants” angle to their whole purity ring sham?

    lol :p

  • Eanie

    Anxious to see what Joe will be up to. He was much more specific about his musical influences and projects. Nick seemed cold and like he was in a hurry to get somewhere else. His “closing a chapter” routine is very funny. He acts like being in the Jonas Brothers is what brought his career to a halt. It was more like he has no idea how to connect to fans (except for his random spurts of friendliness on twitter when he needs to promote), and he has been unfocused the last few years. Starting but not completing projects (producing other artists, producing the JB album, the Quaker Chewy thing) while vacationing and dating rather than doing the hard work required to be as successful as people like Miley or Demi or Selena. He can’t blame THAT on his brothers.

  • XaskTaylorX

    “My parents know who I am and they know everything that’s in there already and I guess you could say they’re proud of their son.” They were proud for their son to sound like a douche? I’m confused. The first coming out was great, but Joe screwed it up for the second coming out. Just saying.

    • Aya

      I think His parents are proud of him because he decided to stop doing drugs and told everyone the truth (he didn’t pretend to be perfect he just told every one who he really is)

      • fghjk

        sorry but joe jonas never doing drugs just smoke weed ones with demi and miley and thats nothing

      • ty

        haha doing drugs? what are you talking about? he was not talking about that he was talking that about his life whe he was in disney thats all

  • anon

    The older they get the more they look alike.

  • anon

    wonder how much does joe lift?

  • Ee

    those guys are amazing people i love them