Selena Gomez Single Rose Seduction

selena-gomez-single-rose-seduction (1)Selena Gomez seduces the eyes of her Instagram followers with a picture of her holding a single rose from her new lover. selenagomez Happy birthday benzo, you celebrated my entire birthday week with me. I miss you and wish I was with you to do the same :( love youuuu

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  • cerenagee

    Ughh Sel. She’s too pretty for words. I love her so much

  • djfkld

    She’s so hot! Her and Ashley Benson would make a great couple.

  • -

    selena loves the ladies ;) good for her though

    • gggfdfda

      At this point I think it’s clear that Selena is, at the very least, bisexual. I mean, the fact that her only really long term relationship with a man was with…Justin Bieber kind of speaks volumes.

      • Silver

        lol. If she truly is bisexual… I am going to be so happy.

  • boystan

    beauty queen

  • rez

    i don’t know if she is or she’s not a lesbian but if she was she better be with ashley benson. that girl is hot. unfortunately she prefers to hang with that junkie what his face. or taylor swift or demi or francia because she got big booobs i love lesbians with big booobs. but the only thing they do is fisting each other. hoooot

    • yup

      i think she has her eyes set on charity

      • rez

        that girl charity looks evil. but again if selena is bisexual i would think cool but if she was really a lesbian. i would prefer francia for her because of the boooobs. again she hasn’t come out of the closet. I’m not judging but she did date a girl fro two years. lol

      • gggggggg

        Yeah, she seems pretty obsessed with Charity, but Ashley is so much hotter. Oh well, Selena’s choice, but I think Ashley would jump at the chance to get with Sel.

    • Silver

      Lesbians do a lot more than fisting.

      • hj

        Yeah, they scissor too!

  • Lolololol

    “You don’t need no other lover, we can keep it undercover” ~ Selena and Ashley’s theme song