selena-gomez-heathrowSelena photographed in Heathrow airport. Why do you think she’s there?

  • lol

    We don’t know. Get on it Oceanup! You’re the gossip site here!

    • lol

      This was so funny hahaha

    • rez

      you are right. this supost to be a gossip website. i thought the people who work here were pro’s

  • Anon

    Taylor and Ed have been seen hanging out together in London the past two days, maybe she’s going to see them?

  • kat

    To celebrate Tay-Tay’s birthday?!

  • anony

    to have a threesome with Hendall.

    • anony

      oh wait nvm kendall is not in london anymore lol

    • javi g

      thats there celebrity name? its kind of lame. its it from a gossip website or fans call the that?.

  • boystan

    hobo chic
    loves it