Ashley Tisdale Dove Cameron Cloud 9

Screening Event Disney  Cloud 9Ashley Tisdale, Dove Cameron and Dillon Lane (From Nickelodeon’s Bucket & Skinner’s who dyed his hair!) at a screening Event Disney Cloud 9 in Hollywood. Tisdale was the executive producer. Photos: WENN.


  • Dara

    The only person I recognize is Ashely Tisdale

  • Alii

    The have pretty faces.

  • Jessie

    Thats not dillon lane. Thats luke benward.

  • Oceanup sucks ass

    YOU FUCKING IDIOTS, thats Luke Benward. What kind of social gossip site are you that you don’t fucking know him?

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    Good luck charlie

    • Dara

      If you think Oceanup sucks ass, get the fuck off the website, dumbass. They don’t have to know him because he is a D list celebrity that no one cares about

      • Oceanup still sucks

        Freedom of speech bitch, now fuck off. This site sucks and everyone knows it. Now go make out with your justin bieber poster you dumbass bimbo.

        • Dara

          Um first of all I find it insulting that you think ANYONE likes an arrogant douche like Justin Bieber. Second, you think I’m the dumbass? You’re the one defending fucking Disney stars. Sit down bitch, I’m not arguing anymore with some 12 year old girl that watches Disney Channel