• fghjk

    wow joe jonas mucles chest

  • Annabelle

    God these two are becoming soooo ANNOYING!! I’m sick of seeing them.I guess Blanda missed having her pics taken,and Joe is becoming desperate to keep himself relevant

  • anonymous

    Why does Joe look so pissed!? and they are not holding hands? as usual Blanda looks so happy and smiley for the cameras.She must have missed the attention.Sorry not sorry

  • Misha Collins

    Joe has titties

  • emjonas23

    Blanda is wearing Joe’s jacket!!! :O :O :O

  • Aria

    I think Blanda is really beautiful but I honestly never realised how big her head is till right now.

  • Sara

    Some fans are so two faced when it comes to Nick and Olivia and Joe and Blanda. Like what the hell? Do you see Beyoncé and Jay-Z taking selfies together? Why don’t they get hate but Joe and Blanda do? Pretty sure Joe and Blanda go to parties to get free stuff. Everyone does. Pretty sure Joe and Blanda aren’t the only ones living in California. So many people can call the paparazzi and say they see a celebrity. Grow up. Realize that you’re hating people on a kids gossip page and move on. So rude and immature.

    • Cassandra

      Are you kidding me!?!? nick and Olivia have haters too! and have you seen the comments on Olivia’s latest IG! plus Nolivia don’t get so many candids,and don’t have to go to events all the damn time!! to get publicity and attention on them.Joe and Blanda don’t seem very interested in doing couple things.Everything they do has GOT to do with business.Blanda is even making contact and friends wiith gossip people like JJ to become famous.She is using Joe,but Olivia was already famous because of Miss Universe.No one knew Blanda until Joe came along.They are annoying.Btw NO celebrity gets that many candids!! give me a break! Joe is not even near that famous like the A+ celebs.He clearly CALLS them,maybe not all the time,but he obviously does.That is what pisses me off!!! he has no right to look upset like that,it’s fake

      • Sara

        No one knew Dani before she got married to Kevin. What’s the difference between her Blanda and her then? I’m pretty sure if people constantly harassed my boyfriend over the internet I wouldn’t be happy because they have to deal with immature fans constantly accusing Blanda of “using” Joe for his fame. Funny how Blanda is still around and has been for a year even though the Jonas Brothers are done with. She had a job before Joe came. From what I’ve seen, I don’t ever remember Joe bragging about his girlfriends artwork or making people buy shit from her either.

    • Anonymous

      Olivia and Nick don’t get hate? Please everything Nick and Olivia do gets scrutinized by Jealous Nick stans. The only reason some people defend Olivia is to piss of the hypocritical Blanda stans that constantly preach about people hating Blanda when all they do is hate olivia. You mean half the fanbase is hypocritical about both. The Joe stans don’t like Blanda and the Nick stans hate olivia. The only difference is that the Nick stans are way more bitter.

      Oh and Ps if Janda wanted to avoid paps they could. Wilmer and Demi have literally only gotten photographed a few times in the four years they’ve been dating. And another ps Kevin and Dani have posted a million pics of them together on Instagram and nobody seemed bothered.

      • Sara

        Hmm funny because Wilmer and Demi barely go out in fucking public. Hence why they don’t get photographed. So Joe and Blanda have to go under disguise to go to a fucking gym from them to seem like a legit couple? Hahaha okay. Nick and Olivia don’t get AS much hate as Joe and Blanda do. Blanda has a job you idiots. Art work is considered a job. Why don’t you guys get one and stop wasting your time acting like nick and Olivia are the best couple in the entire world and joe and Blanda use each other for fame hahahaha.

  • Anon

    People say Olivia is the one thirsty for fame. But who is the one attending Hollywood events and making connections in LA? All olivia is doing is hanging out with her boyfriend in her hometown and taking pictures on her Instagram like a lot of ~normal people. Then she’s going to Texas with him. If she was so thirsty for fame she would actually go to Hollywood events like Blanda with Nick.

  • anon

    “Blender” LOL OU nice one

  • rashinda

    Geez more candids.Why is he getting so many? now Blanda again too.So fed up with her being everywhere! enough Joe!! he is forcing her on us now.We don’t want to see her all the damn time

    • roxanneXD

      yes everyday candids of Jlanda! lol
      but the next year Joe will irrelevant, soon the paparazzi go away and that’s when Blanda goes away and end this relationship.

  • ff

    Joe and his drug dealer thirsty for attention. She is so ugly and old. (and looks like a man)

  • JJ456

    He really likes the gym, lol. Is he training for a movie role?