Merry Swiftmas & Happy Hailee New Year

taylor-swift-hailee-steinfeld-christmas-love (2)BFFs Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld decorate cookies for Christmas and post pictures on Instagram: taylorswift It’s not possible for her to be cuter or for this day to be more festive. @haileesteinfeld


  • :(

    What’s happening to Taylor? Lorde then Hailee. :(

    I mean, I miss Saylor! Is there a rift going on?

    • lordestan

      uh hailee has been taylors bff for 2 years now, where have you been?

  • A Cat

    Hailee is in a really good place right now. At 14 she was nominated for an Oscar and she’s best friends with Taylor Swift..

  • lordestan

    taylor ditches her freinds to get younger ones, its weird.
    first shewas friends with abigail( her age 24). then selena whowas 16 and taylorwas 20. now selena is 21. thenshe begame friends with haile when she was 14 and taylor was 22. (hailee is 16 now).
    and now at 24 she is friends with lorde who is eight years younger thanher. it is very weird.

  • Misha Collins

    Taylor chooses younger friends so she can write songs about teen heartbreak 4eva

  • liz

    taylor is the one of the most famous people from all of Hollywood right now. so I think she is just too busy to pick one friend to hang out with consistently. I mean she probably has wayyy more friends thn any of us tbh. so don’t be silly and say she doesn’t know how to keep friends.
    oh and for some reason I actually like that she’s a little girl at heart. I think that’s more respectable and endearing than watching these girls at age 24 acting like skanks, stumbling out of clubs. end of rant lol.

    • GentileJewel

      She is only famous for the wrong reasons! More like Infamous!

      • lol

        We are talking about Taylor Swift not Miley Cyrus. You either need a nap or a Snickers.

  • Anon

    She has more friends than just Hailee and Lorde. She hasn’t ditched Abigail or Selena, Abigail just tweeted her on her birthday and they hung out during the summer, when they both actually have the time to. All her dancers and band members she always hangs out with are above 25 and she’s been working with adults since she was 16. Its ok for her to be friends with them, she can be friends with whoever she wants.

  • boystan

    they’re so cute together i love lesbian couples

    • GentileJewel

      Oh! Shut Up!

  • XaskTaylorX

    She is starting to look more like her mom! Glad she is having fun and coming into Christmas spirit! =D

  • -_-

    The fact that Taylor hangs out with 16 year olds amazes me. In the real world, loser 25 year olds hang out with 16 year olds. wtf?