Miley Bangerz Among 50 Worst Albums

miley-cyurs-topless-bangerzVICE‘s Top 50 Worst Albums Of 2013: MILEY CYRUS Bangerz RCA Come on. You really want VICE’s honest review of a Miley Cyrus album? Let’s cut to the chase: another review of Bangerz as phoned-in genero-pop.

Defensive, sanctimonious contestation that review is more focused on Miley’s private cum public life than an “actually pretty OK pop album.’ Rebuttal that just because someone can shamelessly throw enough money around to fart out a few undeniable hits doesn’t mean they deserve accolades.

Abrupt, defensive outro citing the entire review as folly in and of itself. Smug self-satisfaction. There. Was that as good for you as it was for me? My tongue is turned sideways, wedged firmly in the crevice of a confused tween. Does that help?

They claimed that Lorde was #1 worst album, which is obviously incorrect. Miley’s album had two good songs and the rest were pretty horrible. Do YOU think Miley deserved to be in Top 50 Worst Albums Of 2013?


  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    Someone’s life sounds pretty bad… and it isn’t Miley’s. Whoever wrote this literally must be miserable & misery loves to bring other people down.

    The fact that this list even exists, makes me sad for humanity. And saying Lorde’s Album is the #1 worst? This is obviously not valid. I wouldn’t even wish Stars Dance onto this list, and I like it the least of all Selena’s albums.

    • :)

      Exactly right. I’m not a big fan of Lorde or Selena, but this dick head who wrote these reviews is a few cans short of a six pack. He sounds like a fucking wacko. No one deserves to be on this list. By the by, both albums were praised numerous times.

  • Rah

    I disagree. I think neither Lorde nor Miley deserve to be in the worst category. I think Miley definitely tried too hard to change her image, but her ballad-esque songs were really good. And Lorde, while her album bored me, it wasn’t bad, it just seemed repetitive and none of the songs stood out. But it wasn’t the worst (that spot should go to Selena Gomez)!

  • Godney

    The album sucks!, its a mess… there is no line in it.
    She tells no story with the album, it doesnt show anything new.
    Just her over singing. (she doesnt even let the ft singers sing )

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    the album was the worst, at least when brit and xtina became sluts their music got stronger ,miley went 1000 times backwards

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    the strippped era makes the bangerz era look laughable , miley news too try again and stop what ever she is isnt workinng