Selena Gomez Cancels Australian Tour

Exclusive... Selena Gomez Runs Her Errands In Los AngelesSelena Gomez has canceled her upcoming Australian tour. Selena said: ‘My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them. But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first,

I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be. To my fans, I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me.’ Source told Us Weekly:

‘She has been working nonstop for six years. She needs to take some time for herself. It was a very hard decision because she hates disappointing fans but she needs to focus on her for a bit. She wants to stay healthy.

CANDIDS: Selena tied her hair back put on sunglasses and went shopping!

Are YOU upset that Selena canceled her upcoming tour?

  • Teddy


  • guest

    smells like low ticket sales to me

    • A Cat

      That’s usually the reason but there’s reports that her tour was doing well outside of the states.

    • Ricardo
      • wtf

        This is BS, they’re trying to hide it. Do you think that if Beyonce decided to do a tour around the world, asked fans to buy her tickets, etc and all that hype and suddenly she just decides to cancel everything because she wants to rest, do you think people wouldn’t be fucking pissed and nuts? I mean, I know we’re talking about Selena who’s 100 times less famous than Bey, but even so, it would be an irresponsible attitude don’t you think? Unless Selena is pregnant or needs to go to rehab or something, there’s no excuse. A tour is a HUGE deal. And we all know this is very unlikely since she doesn’t do drugs, she’s not a party crazy girl, etc. So, yeah, it’s very likely the tickets sale were low, if her tour on USA had already low tickets sale, imagine out of it…

  • amy

    If that is her legitimate reason then she cancelled it then that is ridiculous.

    • Anna

      Oh yeah she is such a bad person. She usually puts her fans first and sometimes that has been a problem for her health, aka hospitalized for being malnourished and other health issues. Is it really such a bad thing that she wants to be good to herself because if she works to hard stuff like this could become worse? The fact that you don’t think someone’s health and/or personal issues aren’t a legit reason to cancel a tour is what is ridiculous. The fact is I think Bieber is loosing it because he doesn’t take enough time for himself, he will end up in a mental hospital at the rate he is going. Sometimes people think of themselves before others and that isn’t always a bad or selfish thing. We have no idea what is going on in Selena’s life right now so no one on this site has any right to judge her. I am not a huge OMG teeny fan of hers, but I respect her as a person and this comment is unfair.

  • anon

    Now I get why she broke down with that Australian fan video. She already had decided to cancel


      that girl must be dying right now :

  • trtrtr

    Probably just an excuse to go on vacation with Charity or something.

  • what

    Lame! Probably the tickets sale were a failure. If she’s so tired and want a time for herself so much, why she booked the Australian tour in the first place? To later decide she wants to cancel and disappoint her fans? That’s a dumb thing to do.

  • anon

    It was just five dates and only 8 days of tour. But I had already noted that she is lazy

    • hahaha

      She’s lazy and her shows don’t sell out of USA. She’s irrelevant out there, she’s not like Demi who sells amounts of tickets in latin america.

      • anon

        Tons of artists don’t sell out. Not even Beyonce sold out all her tour. One Direction sold out only half of their tour. That is not excuse.

        • hahaha

          I said that OUT of the USA, her shows DON’T SELL much. You misunderstood.

      • Ricardo

        Funny cause We Own The Night Tour sold more than all Demi’s tours togueter -.-“

        • kik

          LMAO, you’re pathetic.

        • jen

          Are you fucking nuts? In Brazil, Demi’s Neon Lights Tour SOLD OUT in ALL cities in ONE DAY. It was damn crazy. She’ll have to do more two extra shows in the capital and more 1 extra show in another city. Did any of the Selena’s shows ever sold out in latin america? LOL at you blind stan.

  • anon

    “Cancellations are often code for poor sales but industry sources say Gomez’ tour was selling strongly, due to a loyal fan base from her days as a child star.”

  • RegReach


  • anon
  • XaskTaylorX

    Maybe after her incident at the music festival she took it to heart and realized she doesn’t really have a voice, but can only “sing” with her already recorded CD version. Quit singing and stick to acting please. =}

    • Troll

      She needs to just go away! Famewhore!

  • cerenagee

    You guys are all fucking assholes. She’s clearly going through something in her life. Respect that. Jfc.

    • taty


      • cerenagee

        Omg. No. She cussed on stage because her equipment was failing and she was stressed out.

    • hahaha

      lol no, she’s just a failure with no talent, that’s why she canceled.

      • cerenagee

        She’s doing more than you are. You’re hating on someone who canceled an tour because they have something going on in their life and calling her a talentless failure. You’re just some dumbass sitting behind a computer. What are you accomplishing? Sounds pretty successful.

        • hahaha

          “Something going on in her life”, her excuse is that she wants time for her. Please, do the break BEFORE announcing a tour or AFTER doing the tour. It’s obvious the sales were failing or she wouldn’t cancel. This excuse is just stupid and it’s not justifiable for the fans she’s letting down. Her marketing team always doing great hiding stuff.

          • cerenagee

            Hello focusing on herself because there’s someone going on in her life and she needs to take personal time. Was her timing bad? Yeah but if someone is having a life crisis whether it’s a personal thing where she needs to regather herself or worse then I’m happy she’s going to take the time off she needs rather then work herself just to please her fans and then have a mental breakdown or something. GTFO.

          • taty

            usually time off after so much money put into tour makes you think iss something really wrong with her like rehab and they don’t want to say, like they did at the begginin for joe, maybe demi is making her go to rehab she seems like an alcoholic, with all those drinks she shows and she always have wine and alcohol and Bieber said she drinks o soothed the pain, plus she has seem drunk in couple of interviews and Mexican do drink a lot.

          • cerenagee

            She’s 21 she allowed to drink. I don’t think it’s been excessive. But if that’s the case that’s sad and I hope she gets the help she needs.

          • ugh

            can somebody shut this bitch up already?

          • :)

            Could be one of 3 things: on the verge of a meltdown, due to backlash from lip syncing at jingle ball, rehab or the fact that bieber just happened to announce that he’s taking a break. Think about it.

          • ffsd

            Nothing to do with Bieber. If you follow her dancers and band members they acted as the tour was over and Priscilla, her cousin and tour assistant, went back to her old job last week. It was a decision already made between them. Nobody from her tour crew seemed surprised by the announcement

          • ffsd

            I think it is just laziness

          • :)

            If it is laziness, that is a piss poor excuse!

            By the way, I don’t follow anyone that is connected to selena.

  • gf

    Rumour I heard was that Sel and Charity had a BIG fight.

    • oh no

      whaaat why? selena seems so down lately, something must’ve happened because she has been so emotional and unlike herself. hope she is okay and i hope her ad charity are fine

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Im not very up-to-date with Saintlena, but who is Charity?

      • 707

        her best friend and back up dancer or if you believe rumors her girlfriend.

  • lmfaoo

    See? This is when you see that an artist CAN’T just live from their goody image and pretty face if they don’t have talent. This only works in the country the artist is from, because in other places, no one will give a damn about them unless their songs become hits and if they’re talented and original enough. In other places there are no news about the USA celebs, you have to search on the internet, therefore you’re not affected for their image that much or for scandals, etc. Selena’s a flop out of her country, ooh poor baby.

  • @nn@mmm

    Maybe she wants some alone time with Demi?

  • ale

    this is really dissapointing, I understand she works hard and etc, but she did have holidays… like everyone so it was not 6 years of nonstop work. I personally believe that she shows her inmadurity by cancelling her tour. I mean she could have gone to the tour and after that rest one or maybe more years! How irresponsable from her part.
    poor fans.

  • Silver

    Aaa, shame hey… she definitely has something going on. I hope she will be okay. As for the low ticket sales…. almost all of her concerts weren’t sold out so I doubt that is the issue – she would have just gone on with them just like she did the others. She has some emotional and self esteem issues I am thinking. Beats me why, she is a gorgeous girl.


    it’s weird that she was spotted in london 2 days ago..

    • Cici

      Why? Is beaver there or something?

  • Anonymous

    Non-stop for 6 years? That proves the entire relationship with Justin was not a relationship–it was an image booster (read: no romantic feelings, with at most a crush on Justin’s part). Anything and everything Selena did was for work. Taylor Swift? Image. Demi? Image. Taylor? Image. Quinseng? Image. Austin? Image. David Henrie and Jennifer Stone? Image. Cousins and immediate family? Of course they would help her. Charity? Image. If we’re talking non-stop for 6 years, knowing how my smarter friends work constantly, then it was all a sham disguised as personal time. Selena would work and sleep for 6 years. She’s not alone–plenty of people do it that aren’t famous. And guess what–it worked. Selena’s singing is subpar and she is still famous thanks to her tireless work ethic on making the public think a certain way about her and thus constantly listen to her, watch her. Working non-stop for 6 years is no joke. You don’t stop.

  • Liz

    It is VERY unlikely that it is due to something other than low ticket sales. There are so many jobs on the line that the only reason they would cancel is if they don’t think they will get a big enough– or any return for that matter. Her ticket sales for the U.S. were poor so it is not surprising that they would be even worse in Australia. This is what happens when artists are too presumptuous. It’s not necessarily Selena’s fault… it’s more of her management. It WOULD help if she was actually a decent singer though…

  • Cici

    oh everyone thinks she’s an alcoholic. I guess none of yall have been of age & enjoyed your glasses of wine after working so hard? & Her tour was doing JUST fine outside of the US as far as sales..good try though. Selena just needs to be with her family right now.

    • Guest

      i agree she has a baby sis and it doesn’t seem like she’s gotten to spend much time with her nor her mother and stepfather.

  • anonymous

    drugs, bullimia, etc

  • boystan

    didn’t she announce it just last month?

  • Guest

    I find it interesting that Selena cancelled her tour to “take time for herself” after JB says he’ll “retire/take a break/whatever decision of the week he made” to “take time to himself”

  • kdelly

    you know its real funny. my parents have been working non-stop for 36 years but that shit don’t stop them.
    they work more in a week than selena ever has. they spend 12+ hours a day working, each. they both do hard labor, and not shaking their butts around on stage, pretending to sing, going to meet sick children (not saying hats a bad thing, but its not exactly hard, it may be hard emotionally, but my family have lost a lot of loved ones as of late so thats a bit hard too), taking pictures, posing with their BF on vacation in hawaii (thats a reference to the PAST). yes i’ll agree that working in the music industry is hard, yes being on tour is hard, being on a TV show is hard. BUT working non-stop for 6 years? bullshit. I, as a 20 year old going into her junior year in college call total BULLSHIT on this. I’d like to see her be in school and working her ass off day and night (I don’t even have time to fucking party) working not ONE but TWO jobs just to afford tuition, and living? I’ve been working (a real job not like mowing lawns for 10 bucks kind of thing) since the age of 13 (had to lie about y age to get a job) and my family isn’t poor nor are we rich we’re middle class, I chose to work. so yeah selena go try living in the real world and stop calling dating JB a job (again reference to the past)

  • taty

    come on is probably rehab you all really think she was around toxic people and she never tried it, please her mom probably found out she got hooked on something and is making her go to rehab, usually time off for someone is rehab

    • :)

      I’ve said all along, its the quiet ones you have to watch out for. I really think this has something to do with the minnie meltdown at jingle ball.

  • soft ghetto


  • Ciara

    Are people really defending her for this? I can’t believe it, I guess whatever America’s sweetheart does even if she’s a selfish lazy girl that only cares about her self can go away with everything cause she’s cute ? Really. If Bieber did this EVERYONE would trash him, EVERYONE. But that dude no matter of how fucked up his tour was, he got sick he went through some lame shit he didn’t cancel anything, he only left 1 show cause he was throwing up , his tour lasted for almost 2 years, she can’t handle 4-5 months? Bitch please. I cannot believe people are making excuses for her.