Selena Out After Bieber Confesses Love

Exclusive... Selena Gomez Visits A Friend In Los AngelesSelena Gomez spotted without makeup and heading to a friend’s house on a rainy day in Los Angeles. Her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber recently revealed for publicity that he still loves her:

‘I wrote the best music once my heart was broken. ‘All That Matters’ was written when I was in a great place in my relationship, and at that time, [Selena Gomez] was all that mattered in my life. [The break up] affected us, especially when we are in front of so many people.

It’s such a public thing. It’s just hard for the both of us. But you know, she’s a great woman. I love her till this day. I think we’re going to be the greatest of friends. Right now we’re taking a little time and not talking.’


  • cerenagee

    even with no makeup my bby girls is gorgeous<3<3<3

    • pft

      lmao you need to get your eyes checked bitch

      • cerenagee

        ohh wow just because she looks tired? gtfo

    • no

      yeah….. no.

    • Cici

      yesss. I wish I looked that good tired without makeup. She is perfect.

  • anon

    She looks a mess. I wonder why she canceled the rest of her tour D:

    • :)

      Embarrassed, maybe. I thought she was spotted in London the other day?

      They aired New York’s Jingle Ball last night on the CW and they didn’t show Selena’s performance, ouch!

      • anon

        They didn’t aired her performance probably because her label is mad at her for the tour cancelation and didn’t pay CW

        • :)

          Sorry, I thought you were talking about the Jingle Ball Tour. I misunderstood. I thought she finished her tour in the US and now is ready to hit Europe?

          • Silver

            She already did Europe, she was supposed to head to Australia.

    • wack

      hahahaha true! and cuz she can’t sell any arenas

      • anon

        “Cancellations are often code for poor sales but industry sources say
        Gomez’ tour was selling strongly, due to a loyal fan base from her days
        as a child star.”

        It was not sales

        • lolumadhuh

          BS. She wasn’t selling well. Photo have come out of her concerts and how her venues were half empty. They’re lying they asses off.

          • anon

            I prefer it being poor sales than her taste for alcohol since the breakup kicking in

          • lolumadhuh

            lmfao just spill her tea why don’t cha!

          • GhostShadow

            Very untrue. Her venues were very full. If they thought or if she only sold out half venues they would have kept her touring in the smaller venues

          • lolumadhuh

            no they weren’t. ive already seen & heard how that tour was looking.

          • Silver

            I really doubt that that is it. It hasn’t stopped her before…. all throughout Europe non of her concerts sold that much so why stop at Australia?

    • Guest

      Her tour wasn’t cancelled.

    • WHAT

      She only canceled the Aussie date. And that’s really easy to understand because she needs more time for her and her family to have a break. lol. I’m still gonna watch her next year! <3 ;)

  • ugly

    she looks absolutely horrible

    • cerenagee

      she looks tired. sue her.

      • ugly

        with or without make up. this bitch is disgusting, just like you. inside & out.

        • cerenagee

          oh god its you. deff regret commenting to you.

          • ugly

            wtf are you talking about you psychotic freak?

          • in jesus name i pray amen

            panda power makes her triumphant comeback lol

          • cerenagee

            haha oh i know omg.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      and what do you look like without makeup…?

      • ugly

        better than her. that’s for sure.

        • threelittlebirds

          Prove it.

          • ugly

            @disqus_sFVgzIXxTe:disqus @injesusnameiprayamen:disqus since you bitches wouldn’t have the balls to put your picture up online i’ll show my face to show that SHIT on all of you with my “ugly” face

          • fuck you all

            have at it lesbians!

          • Cici

            I have pictures online? wtf are you talking about lololol

        • Cici

          Since you just named yourself “ugly” , I’d assume not.

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          You tried. LOL but if it’s anything like your personality and anonymous username…

          Stay pressed now.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    She looks EXACTLY like her mum Mandy here! Wow… I swear Selenita doesn’t age at all, still got that bb face like her mum.

    In case you dont know what her mum looks like, see here:

    • taty

      she don’t look like her mom she looks more like her dad which part looks like her mom? the nose is her father, the chubby cheeks, the eyes her eyes, the only thing she got from her mom is her skin color.

      • Silver

        The smile, the eyes, the forehead, the chin all look like her Moms…. Shape of her face is her Dads and her nose and obviously the darker too….

  • BrokenArrow18

    She looks like she needs a break

  • Zaina777

    She is actually really pretty almost all the time.

  • sd

    She likes ponchos just like her mom

  • Rosemary

    “recently revealed for publicity that he still loves her:” lmfao i love oceanUP

  • jinx

    “I love her till this day. I think we’re going to be the greatest of friends.”. Yeah, I don’t think Selena agrees, since all the shade she’s thrown at him, lol.

  • .

    Pretty. She looks average without make-up.

  • boystan

    she looks so pretty

  • Knut Holt

    Her face looks somewhat puffy, as if she is not quite well.

    Regards Knut Holt