Ariana Grande Nathan Sykes Breakup No

The news sources reporting Nariana are false.

If anyone bothered to actually listen to Ariana Grande’s interview with 93.3 FLZ they would hear that she was talking about Jai Brooks and NOT Nathan Sykes. She gave Jai the sloth for his birthday and not Nathan. When asked about her giving the sloth to her boyfriend, Ariana said:

‘You’re a little behind. We’re really good friends.’ It’s bizarre that she said she’s good friends with Jai after cheating rumor drama, but maybe they have made up already. Nathan already denied it on Twitter:

‘Ooooo I know what to say! Don’t believe anything until you hear it from me or one of the boys. Everyyyoneee calmmmmm doooowwwwnnnnn ☺️lol’. Also, Nathan Sykes grandfather has died! RIP.

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  • Amy

    After cheating RUMOR drama lol. I highly doubt that it was a rumor. Anything to make herself look good and maintain her innocent image. I heard from one person that Jai actually openly admitted to lying about her and if he actually did, I would almost bet that Ariana roped him into it by agreeing to be his friend or something like that. He was so into her. I met both of them last year and just by being around them, you could tell that he was more into her than she was into him. He wouldn’t ever say anything untrue about her that would shame her if it weren’t true. He probably got tired of getting accused of things he didn’t do and he and the rest of the Janoskians were getting their fair share of hate from all of Ariana’s fans so he had probably had enough and decided that it was time that the world knew the truth. So he wrote the twitlonger. Ariana saw it. She tweeted a whole bunch of fabricated bullshit lies after reading it. She got her brother and every one of her little crew members and family to take up for her so that she wouldn’t be thought of as the bad person. (As she does every time she does something wrong. IE: Whenever she told the world that Victoria was the reason why Victorious ended. She got hate then said that Victoria wasn’t the reason why. She told Seventeen Magazine that she was bullied on the set of Victorious. She got hate. She told everyone that she was actually misquoted about meant that she was bullied on the set of Thirteen. And now with the Jai drama. You can’t tell me that this isn’t all adding up.) Plus, Ariana’s own father tweeted about meeting Nathan and that Nathan should beware if he hurts his daughter or something like that when it was still going around that Jai and Ariana were together. An hour or so later, he tweeted that he meant he was going to meet him as a friend. In my opinion, I think Ariana made him tweet that last tweet because she didn’t want it getting out that she was still seeing Nathan. (This was after she cheated the first time and Jai took her back, as he said in his twitlonger.) Jai then got tired of her bullshit lies and ended things for good.
    I know a lot of her fans refuse to believe that she does any wrong and I sometimes even think that Ariana herself believes that.. But this is coming from someone who’s been a fan of Ariana’s from the start. I’ve been called a fake fan time and time again for continuing to voice my opinion on this cheating matter but whatever. I’m in this for Ariana’s music and acting, not her personal life. So if disagreeing with one of her actions and having an opinion makes me a fake fan, hell, I don’t care. I just think that it would solve a lot and it would lessen the hate that she gets if she would actually own up to what she did instead of playing the innocent victim card that she’s always doing. She’s twenty years old. It’s time to start acting like a grown up.

    • Guest

      That’s the biggest bunch of horseshit I’ve ever read, fake fan is much too generous a term for you.

      It’s obvious Jai was lying about her cheating, he had no proof except the word of a scumbag who pretends to jack off onto babies for views on Youtube, and he only had his brother start those rumor after he found out she was going to move on with Nathan.

      It’s also obvious that Ariana was telling the truth about why Victorious was cancelled because Victoria was the only cast member who wouldn’t agree to be in the finale Dan Schneider said he would produce for free. She wants to be done with Nick, for better or worse.

      About the Seventeen Magazine bullying thing, Victoria herself broke her silence about Ariana and backed her up about being her misquoted by them. You’re an idiot if you can’t see that the interviewer put words in her mouth.

  • Bae

    She seriously didnt knew the title of HER OWN album? Seriously?
    I cant even put in words….

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      The thing is… her Christmas EP NEVER had a title! so the interviewer is 100% totally uninformed & stupid. It was just a collection of 4 songs: Last Christmas, Love Is Everything, Snow In California and Santa Baby. It never had a title, that’s why when he said it was titled Kisses Kisses, he just made it up & she just went along with it probably thinking he did research prior and that her management titled it or something. idk!

      • Dara

        Actually her Christmas album is called Christmas Kisses. So he was pretty close…

  • Dara

    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I will never like her. I tried hard to like her because I like her music, but I can’t. Her personality is so…. fake perhaps? I don’t know what word to use to describe her personality. I just don’t like it!

  • Bonnie

    I don’t think nathans tweet was about the breakup drama I think it was about the rumor or their band being dropped from their label… not everything in his life is going to revolve around an immature relationship

  • boystan

    he’s ugly anyway

  • -

    well nathan’s career is about to come to a halt so i guess ariana will drop him, maybe she’s already cheating on him like she did her last bf.
    P.S. If someone is willing to cheat on their current significant other with you then chance are they will cheat on you and karma will bite you in the ass

  • fred

    He is not THE one so they will break up eventually. With Ariana leaving Nick I would LOVE for her to do guest role in American Horror Story or True Blood She loves that creepy ish anyway. I’m glad she clarified that she is still interested in acting because she should use her popularity (12 Million twitter followers and growing) to get on those shows. Liz Gilles too. What is she up to these days?

    • fd

      Liz shot a horror film called “Animal” for the Chiller channel. She also is doing musical theatre a bit. I hope her career picks up eventually, but as of right now she’s doing the least well of the Victorious girls (excluding Danielle Monet lol).

    • Rebecca

      If she EVER did a guest role in AHS, I would single handedly stop watching it, even though it’s one of my favorite shows. She’s such a fake person. AHS doesn’t need people like her.

      • anon

        BWAHAHA you don’t know Hollywood. Ariana is a baby compared to those wackos out there.

        • Ashleigh

          a fake baby. i’m with her. if ariana ever starred in american horror story, i wouldn’t watch it either.

  • Duckyhoward15

    I guess Jai was right

  • Luciana

    Excuse me but Nathan tweeted that because of the rumours about the band not Nariana. In fact, he favorited several tweets about those rumors being false.
    Also, they looked extremely glued in the pics from Jingle Ball/Bash or whatever so I don’t believe they broke up. I only wish they did :)

  • Zaina777

    I don’t know what it is…still she seems fake. I feel kind of bad for Jai really. It’s possible that he is telling the truth and she is lying. Using the woman/man card. Also, I think she used him as the boyfriend who was with her when she got famous and the more famous she got she went higher and to a guy who would give her much more publicity.