Demetria Lovato X-Factor Finale Flawless

'X Factor' crowns Season 3 champion FinaleX Factor’ crowns Season 3 champion Finale at CBS Studios. Photos: WENN. Are YOU happy or mad that Alex & Sierra won? Do YOU think made Demi made the right decision leaving the sinking ship?

  • Troll

    She is beautiful and an amazing. However last night x-factor I didn’t not like the annoying juice joke. It was really offensive and mean, especially to Demi who went through a lot. I happy she is leaving the show. I felt like that show was keeping her back from her music career.

  • Ashley

    I’m actually so glad to hear that she may not be back on the X Factor next year. I found it really hard to enjoy the show with her annoying voice and bitchy attitude every two seconds.

  • anon

    I dont follow the careers of The Voice coaches outside of the show. I mean I do listen to Adam Levine, Christina, Blake etc and I do know Marooon 5 is successful as is Shakira and Usher, etc but I dont follow their touring schedule. I wonder how The Voice coaches are able to balance out the show schedule with their music career specially Adam and Blake since they do The Voice twice a year. The voice’s new season is premiering February and this season just ended this week.

  • boystan

    oh that looks bad