Demi ‘Not Going In Bieber Direction’

When Demi Lovato was asked what happened with her collaboration with Justin Bieber, she said: ‘It’s just not the direction I’m going in anymore’. LOL. Are YOU sad that you won’t get to hear their collaboration?

Also, Demi’s favorite app is Candy Crush. Watch under!


  • DJ

    I can’t even imagine a collab with them two

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      same… their voices are so different and he’s so… well he’s Bieber and Demi’s a powerhouse vocalist.

  • Alii


  • Jes

    I used to think they’d sound good together but it’ll have to be a slow song with like no high notes because I feel she will over power him. Plus awkward selena is her friend

  • Some Dude

    Still pressed that the Ariana duet didn’t happen either.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Ariana said in an interview she hopes to release it on the next album!

      • Some Dude

        Hope so! but it hasnt even been recorded yet I don’t think. All I know is it would be amaaazing hearing those 2 powerful voices together

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It might be a different story once he comes back from his break. I hope he will mature because an attitude like his can not and should not collab with someone like Demi. They shouldn’t even be in the same room with all the smoking and drinking he does.
    Nope, not sad not even a little bit.

  • anonymous

    wilmer’s hoe