Kevin & Danielle Kiss @ Friend’s Wedding

kevin-danielle-jonas-kissing-at-friends-wedding (38)Kanielle kissing @ Hana & Mike’s wedding. Source.

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  • Anonymous

    10 bucks say nobody is going to complain about them publically kissing as they do Olivia and Nick. I wonder why is that hmmm

  • roxanneXD

    I remember seeing married to jonas show, she said she did not want to go on tour pregnant with a son and was so selfish. kevin said I wanted to do for the return of the band and the fans. his wife handle, being pregnant is she could have stayed with her mother and sisters. but no, she wanted not going on tour.

    Danielle finally got what he wanted, now I wonder

    they will do when they run out millions to Kevin? the money is not going to last a lifetime, every day the Jonas Brothers are more irrelevant.

    and that will be the punishment of kevin! be forgotten

  • fghjk

    wow kevin and danielle are beautiful cuple more then nick and olivian because they are PR cuple and joe jonas and blanda are beatiful cuple too

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Could she like, you know not look at the camera?

  • XaskTaylorX

    It looks weird with her looking at the camera awkwardly in almost every photo. She should be due in the next couple of weeks….. Did anyone forget she was pregnant?