Miley Twerks & Slaps Butt For Cheyne!

Miley twerks, bends over then slaps butt in front Cheyne Thomas.

Meanwhile backstage at camp Miley #jingleballzafterdark @mileycyrus

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Lmaooooooo OU’s TWEET! HAHAHHA Cheyne is such a fucking pussy for not accepting Demi’s fucking beat down invitation.

    • .

      Would you mind posting what it said? I can’t view twitter.

  • J94

    Honestly, Cheyne Thomas is probably the most immature piece of shit.
    Obviously Miley knows what’s going on, that’s her BESTFRIEND. So all you blind people who seem to think Miley didn’t know about the mocking of Demi’s coke addiction are stupid.

    Anyways, Cheyne seems desperate for 15 minutes. Why would you even call somebody out who’s famous? You live on Miley Cyrus’ pay check my friend. You have no right to call anybody out to be quite honest. Miley never picks the right crowd to hang out because she seems desperate to be wanted and liked and you know what? Some people are just like that but you need to be careful of who you choose to surround yourself with Miley because once the cash stops flowing and the party stops, then so will they, their friendship will stop.
    I know what it’s like to have leech friends and it sucks because they’re only there for the good moments and to live in your “shine”.
    All in all, Perez Hilton is right…… Starbucks is always hiring.

    • bridget

      Demi had to learn this lesson about friends the hard way through rehab. So many people who she thought were her friends up and left her when she was in treatment. Now the majority of the people that surround her are not famous or even in the entertainment industry and the ones that are(i.e. Nick, Wilmer, and Tiffany) were actually there for her when she was in treatment, so she knows at the very least that they are not hanging around her because her career has recovered. I hope Miley doesn’t have to learn this the hardway, but sitting by while your BFF mocks the one person who has constantly and continually defended you is a very dangerous thing, because she might be pushing away the one TRUE friend she has left.

  • Cici

    Was that suppose to be cute orrr ….?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    For fuck sakes, that’s not even twerking. She was just shaking her equivalent of an ”ass”.

    Which is not cute.

    • Diamondskyart

      That was funny

    • adfgh

      what ass?

  • Dara

    She really thinks she’s sexy doesn’t she…..?
    I wish she knew you need an ass to twerk

    • Smh

      No, you don’t need an ass to twerk, she just can’t twerk, period.

  • cerenagee

    So did I just see a 12 year old little boy shake his cheeks at me or….?

    Why is Miley so thirsty for the d thoughhhh.

  • Diamondskyart

    I’m sort of sad that this is what some people in my generation do all the time. (No hate directed towards anyone)

  • anony

    i’m kinda surprised she listens to arctic monkeys, i thought she listens to hip hop and country music only

    • :)

      She listens to all kinds of music.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    That’s not twerking.. And this Cheyne guy needs to go the fuck away.

  • boystan

    what happened to the old miley citrus

  • :)


  • celine

    “If Miley doesn’t answer her phone, Justin calls the whole Cyrus family to see if she is ok, sometimes he exaggerates” – Scooter Braun