Nick & Olivia Jonas New York Christmas

nolivia-jonas-new-york-christmasNolivia spending the holidays in New York City. Via @ jessmichellex3.v@camille_mola @dtb11 is awesome! @nickjonas throwing up his diamonds for @THON! Nick definitely looks more in love with Olivia than Miley, it’s weird..

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  • Vicky

    These fans are there for a picture with Nick, she has him all the time why can she stay away for a minute while fans get their pictures taken?

  • Guest

    Nick please dump that user attention whore so she can fade away to irrelevancy like all former Ms USA/Universes

    • Bette

      There’s another picture without Olivia. I feel sorry
      for her because if you date a celebrity, you can’t do
      anything right. Everything you do is suspect.

      • Guest

        Shes used or tried to use 3 celbrities to try to advance her career or stay relevent( Seth Macfarland,Ryan Locate and now Nick). Shes a user and attention whore.Her mom played the same game with Ryan Locte as shes playing with Nick running to the press saying what a great couple they would be because she is Ms USA and he is Mr USA.

        • Bette

          Well, if that’s her game, I hope Nick
          catches on soon. Sounds like Mom
          should mind her own business.

        • anon

          Since when is Ryan Lochte Mr. USA? lmao He’s a swimmer.

          • Guest

            He won gold medals at the Olympics for The USA,and it was Olivias mom who called him Mr USA


            Ryan Lochte and Miss USA Olivia Culpo Are ‘A Perfect Match,’ Says Her Mom

            He’s won five gold medals and she’s won a crown — and if it were up to Miss USA’s mother, her daughter and Ryan Lochte would be a winning couple too.

            “It’s a perfect match because he’s Mr. USA,” exclaimed 20-year-old beauty pageant stunner, Olivia Culpo’s mother Susan Culpo to Celebuzz.

            The handsome Olympian and the gorgeous brunette sparked rumors of a
            romance after they were spotted together during New York Fashion Week.
            In fact the 28-year-old swimmer was so smitten he told E!; “She is beautiful. I love hanging out with her. She has a great sense of humor. She makes me laugh.”

            What does Olivia’s mother think of Ryan’s adoration for her daughter?

            The mother of the Rhode Island beauty, who told The New York Post
            they were just friends, admits Lochte’s reaction is common when it
            comes to her daughter; “He’s not the only one who comes across Olivia
            and has that reaction.

            “He can get in line,” Susan said laughing. “You know, he’s not so bad looking himself.”

            She says her daughter met Lochte by chance and to her knowledge they
            haven’t stayed in touch. But if they were to get together, she admits it
            would be like a dream come true.

            “It’s almost too much because it would be like a fairytale.

            “I’m sure he’s busy and so is she. But it would be sweet if it were a romance.”

  • anon

    Her family is praying Nick proposes and doing everything they can to help seal the deal.

  • fbhfchb

    why cant olivia leave nick alone for a picture she is soooooo annoying what famewhore

    • ANON

      Really she still thinks people want pictures of her…….sorry those people aren’t chasing you down to get your picture they are there for Nick and only Nick. She needs a reality check. STAY OUT OF THE PICTURE!

    • Chelsea

      If she tried to get in my pic id be like um yah I wanted JUST nick not u go stand there please xD I hate her

  • Guest

    Culpos mom is like a pimp pimping her out to the biggest male celebrity that will take her.

  • jess

    Actually, i asked olivia to be in the picture.

    • Guest


      Olivia or Susan Culpo

  • fed up

    how about you haters shut the hell up, olivia has fans too. Besides how do you know Nick didn’t ask her to be in the picture with him? God I can’t stand most of you get a life Olivia isn’t using him they’re genuinely in love and as for olivia’s mom the amount of disrespect shes getting is unbelievable if i were olivia I’d be snapping bitches necks, seriously shut up you don’t know olivia personally you only know to judge some fans are so desperate for nick to dump his current girlfriend so they can go on thinking that they have a chance that they make up stories about how Olivia is mean to his fans, shes not! give it up already and be happy for him!

    • fhfghnfg

      well you dont know her personality eather

      • anon


  • victoria

    All I see is PR!!!

  • victoria

    I hope Nick will see the truth behind all this “love” she claim to feel for him… FAKE!!

  • victoria

    He needs to date a non famous girl, who will love him for what he is, not for who he is! Olivia’s family and her are sooo crazy about fame!

    • Ffghjbh

      Haha famous girl? Since when Olivia is famous because of nick that’s why

  • victoria

    Nick please open your eyes babe..

  • victoria

    She wears the same clothes, jacket, all the time lol

  • hjnhjm

    haha the fan is more pretty then that whore of olivia wow

  • Hmmmm

    Nick is spending at least part of Christmas with the Culpos, he’s flying out from Boston to Dallas on the 25th. and I bet he will fly right back to her on the 26th.

    For someone who broke up the band so his family could get their relationship back on track you would think he would be willing to spend more than half a day with them but I guess not.

  • jonas fan