Selena Likes Old Jelena Instagram Photo

ancient-jelenaselena-gomez-jelena-old-photoIt appears that Selena Gomez is very lonely since cancelling her Australia tour. Even lonely enough to miss her old lover with Justin Bieber. Selena liked an old picture of herself walking with Justin Bieber. Thankfully, Selena is NOT in rehab and just enjoying her time at home. Via SelenaBrazil. + new meeting pic.


  • Duckyhoward15


  • taty

    well since she flopping in everything there she is using Justin once again she no one without him, I hope he see the two face she is.

  • cerenagee

    poor thing. my heart breaks for her. she’s clearly going through something right now and probably reminiscing on old times.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m sure she misses her first love and even more misses who he was.

    It’s just not a good idea.

  • Guest

    Being single is cool for awhile but then you get lonely and realize you need someone.

    I don’t know if I would want to be a celebrity female,so many of them have horrible love lives(Britney Spears,Cameron Diaz,Jennifer Lopez,Kim Kardashian,Taylor Swift,Sandra Bulluck,Heidi Klum and the list could go on and on.Celebrity guys can date regular women but its hard for celeb women to date a guy lower then them in status and wealth.

    I doubt Selena wants to get back with Bieber but she has name dropped a lot of guys letting them know shes interested in them but none has responded so she will probably go back to Bieber because she cant get anyone else.

    • Anon

      She’s Selena Gomez, I’m sure she could get anyone else besides Bieber? On a side note, they look so cute here these were the days man

      • Guest

        All of the guys shes interested in and have called out have ignored her advances (Zac Effron,Drake,Logan Lerman ,George Shelly etc)

        She could get most regular guys but most women want a man at least equal to them in status and wealth.She could probably date an ugly guy like Ed Sherren or a wannabe Bieber like Austin M who she isn’t attracted to.

        From her dating history and the names she calls out she seems to want someone good looking who shes attracted to and has their own successful career but those guys don’t respond to her advances.

        • Mellz89

          They dont ignore here.. you dont know what happen,guy is more quite when it comes to lady..
          Btw george seeley did responds since hes the one who calling out selena first.

          • Guest

            George responds stop be nice .When I say Ignore I mean he has no interest in dating her.


            Selena Gomez STILL Waiting For George Shelley To Call: ‘He’s Slacking!’

            It seems that George Shelley has still not plucked up the courage to
            give Selena Gomez a call – and the ‘Slow Down’ singer is “enjoying”
            calling him out over it.

            Word reached the former Disney princess earlier this year that Union
            J singer George has a bit of a soft spot for her – so she responded by
            recording him a video message urging him to get in touch.

            Where many men would have jumped at the invitation, George it seems has not been so forthcoming.

            Speaking to ITV’s Daybreak this week, Selena was asked by JLS star
            Marvin Humes if she has heard from the ‘Carry You’ hitmaker, to which
            she responded: “I wish!”

            Pressed further, she said: “No, he has not hit me up!

            “I left a message for him. He’s kind of slacking! I’m enjoying calling him out a little bit.”

          • ffsd

            I think the thing with George was just a joke, they both was just playing around

        • dyu

          I think Logan and George are gays, Selena is not Drakes type and Zac has a gf.

          • Guest

            Very Possible.I think George might be gay and just mentioned her name to get attention.I don’t know if Logan is gay I think he just doesn’t want the tabloid attention that comes with dating Selena Gomez or he’s just not attracted to her.

  • ghgghgh

    Bwahaha @ anyone thinking she’s missing Justin. She does this kind of thing due to how easy it is to troll dumb Beliebers and Jelena shippers, and they always fall for it. People that dumb deserve to get trolled, in my opinion.
    Selena doesn’t need a man, let alone some try-hard little boy like Justin.

  • Alii

    People change. Memories don’t.

    • anonymous

      her memories of him were fantasies

  • celine

    “If Miley doesn’t answer her phone, Justin calls the whole Cyrus family to see if she is ok, sometimes he exaggerates” – Scooter Braun

    Genuine friendship that cannot be ruined. They may not see each other often but they look after each other in their own ways.

  • jelena

    I’m amyas97 *-*