Selena Taylor Best Dressed Artists 2013

saylor-loversBillboad’s 10 Best Dressed Artists Of 2013:

Selena added a mature, cool edge to her youthful style this year. Perhaps it was a result of her secret meet-ups with Anna Wintour at the Four Seasons in Milan, or hanging out with Donatella Versace that have Gomez a sparkling new take on style. We’re not exactly sure, but we’re certainly into her sophisticated global

Taylor with her now-trademark red lip, smoky eye shadow, sparkling mini dresses, Swift sexed up her look this year, leaving us sartorially enamored. Who could forget her sultry performance of “Trouble” at the Victoria Secret show weeks ago? This girl knows how to show off her legs. Being supermodel thin certainly help.

Taylor pictured below at ACL Annual Holiday Dinner & Selena w/ David Correy.



    poor miley on everyone’s worst dressed list lmao

  • boystan

    yes gawd
    selena’s versace dress is everything

  • cerenagee

    yessss. this dress was killer. they both look fucking amazing

  • Some Dude

    Can we talk about the Demi/Cheyne shade happening on twitter right now?

    • Alii

      Cheyne is a fucking asshole.

      • Some Dude

        I think they had some sort of interaction backstage, because he’s tweeting about stuff that I don’t even see on twitter.

      • cerenagee

        he’s scum.

    • cerenagee

      wait whatttt? whats going on??

      • Alii

        They apparently spoke in person at the Jingle Ball event and hopefully Demi mentioned the coke mockery video because things were left on bad terms. Demi tweeted “You are who your friends are” and then Cheyne quoted her and said “Nicd seeing you!” or some shit then she responded but deleted her tweets. His are still there, I did read someone quoted her tweet and she said something like “you have SO MUCH going for you!” or something lmao Now Perez Hilton is tweeting Cheyne. lool

        • cerenagee

          Dude who the fuck does Cheyne seriously think he is? He’s a noboddyy

          • Alii

            I know. It’s no wonder Miley is the way she is and we’ve been blaming her parents the whole time. I used to joke that he was her drug dealer and now I honestly think that’s the case. Birds of a feather.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Yes I love most of Selena’s clothes because we have the same taste except I’m cheap. I would love to raid her closet.