• Jessica

    Good, I’m glad Victoria got the apology she deserved.

  • ghghgh

    lol at clueless Ariana fans.

  • RegReach

    this is so old get over it victoria arianna alredy commented how that article misquoted her on purpose

    • kdelly

      she was defending arianna?

      • Anna

        Yeah because despite everything Ariana is her friend. Plus Ariana was misquoted and apologized to Victoria. The only people that really need to just get over this are Victoria fans. Obviously Victoria is over it, so why don’t the people on OU grow up and do the same.

  • Guest

    Ariana did blame Victoria for victorious ending and Victoria did call her a phoney and accused Ariana of throwing her under the bus.


    • RegReach

      becasuse everyone was blaming arianna and victoria didnt step up as a friend and say its not true. She did end victorious. IT WAS HER FREAKIN SHOW she wanted to go start her music career, which failed to luanch, she gonna get dropped soon so it was a waste. Everyone on that show lost their job for no reason.. Victoria is sefish and bitter

      • kdelly

        it may have failed in your world but I was at her concert this summer and it was sold out…i mean it failed in adult world but not in kiddie land

  • Jen

    Victoria is just trying to save face imo. They can’t take back what they said about each other. And now that Ariana is getting more famous its drawing more attention to their feud and neither of them want that

  • Ashley

    Am I the only one that thinks that Ariana genuinely said that Victoria was the one that bullied her? And then once she got hate for it, she was worried that it would ruin her oh so innocent reputation so she said that she was misquoted. Ariana seems like the fake one to me.