Ariana Grande ‘I’m Crying Over News’

ariana-grande-cryingWhat news do you think Ariana got that is making her cry?

+ Ariana pictured at Y100 Miami, FL Jingle Ball!

  • damn

    the news that made her cry was that her Christmas EP flopped while Mariah’s older christmas songs were higher than her new songs on itunes. you tried ariana

    • anon

      Mariah songs rise each year although they are 19 years old.

    • RegReach

      Chrithmas time is the nly time maria makes maoney all year
      sit down bitch

  • damn

    she got the exciting news that she can finally drop nathan’s ugly ass and get a better looking pr bf? good for her!

    • boystan

      could not have said it better

  • lol

    Aw! She got that Jariana contract!

  • Some Dude

    Probs the Jesse Mccartney shoutout. Jk.

  • RegReach

    I think her puppy dies :(

    • GentileJewel