• fghjk

    why blanda is jealous of demi? but demi sees him like a brother and joe jonas dosent love her he loves blanda always

    • fhtgth

      yeah i know besides joe jonas never loves demi it was PR with her and blanda got jealous about her? wow

  • JJ456

    LOL, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

  • The Real QueenBee

    What a load of shit. Gossip Cop has already shot this down. Joe and Demi do not talk much at all. Blanda and Joe are quite secure together. And really, does anyone really think Joe would want that chubby blue-haired crazy girl anyway? He has a stunning girlfriend without a million issues. He doesn’t give a shit about Demi.

    • bridget

      “chubby blue-haired crazy girl ”

      You Joe Hoes are as classy as ever I see. In the past 2 years that “chubby blue-haired crazy girl
      ” has netted a #1 New York Times Best Selling Book, two back-to-back double platinum singles in the US, two back to back top 10 singles in the UK, the highest first week sales of her career in both single and album form, and two major tv gigs, one of which came with a salary of over $3 million in total, all while getting herself healthy and to looking the best she ever has. Your irrelevant untalented fave not only doesn’t deserve to date her, his name doesn’t even deserve to be used in the same sentence as hers, but that of course didn’t stop him from name dropping her in his article to try to scrap for the last bit of relevancy he can. That famewhore he’s with right now is perfect for him. They’re two of a kind.

      • Anon

        This. I love how Joe’s exes became so much more successful and better than him. Demi is way too good for him anyways.

      • JJ456

        I don’t get the need of some to defend their faves by attacking others. Whatever. I believe that if we do a count, Demi spoke of Joe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, way more than he spoke of her.

        • bridget

          Um did you not see the original comment I was replying to? This girl made fun of Demi’s weight and mental health issues and said that Joe would never pick her to be with as if he is so much better than her. He is not in any way. She is more talented in him, and now she is more successful than him. Also,

          “I believe that if we do a count, Demi spoke of Joe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,

          more than he spoke of her”
          Well than you believed wrong. Demi has never once since she left treatment brought Joe up unprompted in an interview. She barely spoke of him

        • bridget

          All of these interviews that are coming out now about her talking about Joe are all from the Nylon launch party which was just a few days after Joe’s article, so it was still a hot topic. She hasn’t spoken publicly about him since. Let’s not forget that Joe’s article was an op-ed. He was not answering questions given to him that he had no control over. He chose to bring Demi up multiple times in it. And it’s not just that he dropped her name it’s also how he went about it. He pretty much accused Demi and Miley of pressuring him into trying drugs, and he for some reason told the entire world that he didn’t have romantic feelings for Demi when they were together and that he was miserable when they were together. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this article came on the heels of reports that his usage of hard drugs was what broke up his band. He wanted to shirk responsibility for his drug use so he blamed it on Demi and Miley, and he wanted to be seen as a nice guy so he told the entire world that he dated Demi because he knew she needed help even though he wasn’t happy with her. I’ve seen his fans argue that it’s his story so he had the right to tell it, but they are wrong. The story of Demi’s breakdown was her own. It was not his place to recount what happened with Shorty, especially considering the fact that according to Mike Manning, demi’s guitarist, he wasn’t even there when Demi punched her. There was no need to namedrop Demi and Miley when talking about his drug use or put them blame for it on them. If he wanted to talk about his drug use he could have just said he started using at age 18. He didn’t have name names. Demi’s been talking about her issues for years and she’s never once named anyone who was doing drugs with her, and to your point about her talking more about Joe than he does her, do you not realize how much more sympathy she could have gained if she would have told this story two years ago? You have an 18 year old man doing drugs with two girls who weren’t even old enough to drive yet. The media was already blaming Joe for her breakdown. She could have used it to her advantage but she didn’t. Instead she said that she would not attribute her breakdown to a guy and this is how he repays her.

    • fu

      He may not “give a shit” about Demi, but he sure wasn’t above using her name and fame to get publicity for his failed ass self.

    • LikeICare

      Um, I do think it’s bullshit but Demi, career-wise. is the one who doesn’t give a shit about him. She has accomplished so much & I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe actually wanted her bc he’s irrelevant as fuck,
      And one of the comments down there, yeah me too. I love how Demi & Taylor, the girls who he was a douche to, are much more successful than he is now. Kill them with success!!!

  • bridget

    “the two were seen getting cozy at a Hollywood party in December” yeah right. I wanna believe that no one is dumb enough to buy this, but I know some shippers will eat this up the same way they eat up those stupid blind items.

  • soft ghetto

    laughing at the people who actually believe this.

  • gggg

    The only decent girlfriend Joe had was Camilla Belle, but she wasn’t into him and eventually split.

  • lsj

    Blanda is such a hilarious name.

  • lololol

    Joe and Blanda should make a sex tape.

  • boystan

    blanda what kind of name is that

  • Rosemary

    Star Magazine is so annoying and desperate

  • Destiny Cherry

    Are you sure you didn’t mean Olivia Culpo and Nick?
    Yea I’m sure they did…

  • The Bitch

    All ya’ll are rude as fuck

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Lmao! Cause Star is soooooo legit..

  • JJ456

    I guess this is what Joe & Demi filmed together a few weeks ago…

  • anon

    If I was her, I would be intimidated by Demi lmfao Demi has more history with Joe than her. Plus she’s way more gorgeous than her. Blanda is a controling nut.

    • ghngvvj

      thats has nothing to do with that if joe jonas more history with demi then blanda please he gots many friends that knows more then demi that dosent mean he is gonna leave blanda please dont be ridiculous besides he loves blanda more then anything

      • anon

        do you know how he thinks, feels? no.