Miley Cyrus Clubbing With Mommy Tish

miley-clubbing-mommy-tish (1)Slutty stripping videos under!

  • cerenagee

    First off tish is a milf. I hope I look as amazing as her at her age. With that being said I also just said at her age……at her age her ass does not belong in a club. No wonder Miley’s cray.

    • :)

      Why not? Who said there’s an age limit to go clubbing.

      You do realize this was after Jingle Ball and Miley was the host at the club.

  • Zaina777

    I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. Right, Miley?

    • gty


  • soft ghetto

    Miley is proof that girls with “cool moms” never turn out decent.

    • BrokenArrow18

      no, my friend’s mom it’s pretty cool and my friend is nothing like miley for example.

      • soft ghetto

        in hollywood, I don’t know one celeb with a mother who enables their partying/sexual behavior that act respectable.

        • :)

          She’s fucking 21, Miley can do whatever the fuck she wants.

          • soft ghetto


  • BrokenArrow18

    She looks so pretty and Tish is gorgeous she doesnt even look her age!

  • Mirela

    And people say we need to loosen up about Miley… shame. Her and Billy are horrible parents for allowing Miley to do these shenanigans.

  • Troll

    YUP! The next Lindsay and Dina Lohan in the making.

    • Anonymous

      No because Miley is aware of what she’s doing and she’s getting what she wants. Which is attention and fame. Hence she’s selling albums and tours.

      • Silver

        But in the process is making herself looks so bad,and so many people are losing respect for her.She is a good person,and down to earth.Her public image is just too sexual and provocative.It’s really sad that she has to go to these lengths to sell albums and become big.Other stars do well without acting out like she does.Goes to show what type of person Miley is,she clearly doesn’t want respect as an artist,she just wants attention,and to cause drama and acts out,JUST for sales.So pathetic tbh

  • anon

    She is going to look back in years from now and regret her actions.Her future kids are going to see all this ridiculous behavior.Her parents should be ashamed of themselves

  • Alii


    • :)

      Yeah, and all those people in the club need rehab too.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    What the fuck is she wearing?? Is that a sluty kilt?

    Her mom needs to be more of a parent and less of a friend.

    • california

      tish is trying to live her life through miley and probably also experiencing midlife crisis. she must think she’s in her 20s like her daughter..

      • RedneckAtHeart

        For real! My mom would laugh in my face and call me a nut case if I asked her to go party with me.. She’d also tell me to get my life straight lol.

  • california

    i just cant see how her mother just doesnt care about her daughter and even SUPPORTS miley’s actions and PARTIES with her daughter what the hell? im grown too but my mom would let her voice be heard and try to steer me away from being a damn mess. the thing is miley is a public mess and her mom still doesnt care. unbelievable. makes you wanna thank your parents that you at least turned out decent

  • Dara

    I hate myself for watching all of the vines. Actually I shouldn’t have even clicked on this article. I think I lost 20 IQ points

  • Aria

    what even…?

  • Aria

    I always wonder if she really is having fun or if it’s forced fun

  • showtime

    i turned 21 too some weeks ago and i do EXACTLY the same as her when i go outtt and yes alot of people know me and take pictures with me or of me and guess what JUST LEARN TO GIVE A FUCK IDIOT PEOPLE… stupid closed minds ITS 2014 not the freaking medieval era…. either unliking this are KIDS or BORING JUDGMENTAL adults talking about their lame children and stupid society WHO GIVES A FREAKING DAMN OPEN UR SHITBALL EYES..

    • ashleyofcourse

      look at the people who are truly with power and in charge in this world. the people making something of themselves and are doing well. who end up with money which turns into old money and not of the new variety that is here today, gone tomorrow.
      i can assure you those people ^ know better than to behave in mileys manner. they can but they choose not to. youre right, all you have to do is not care what others think. but 10 years down the road, tell me how that works out for you.

      there is a good reason why people decide to put themselves together and put out a classy front. they know the rewards and reaction to follow are worthwhile and long lasting.

      but again, if you choose the ‘do what you want when you want, no one can control me’ path that is fine. just expect the usual treatment for that behaviour.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I’m 21 as well, I drink, I party at clubs and I get what you’re saying, but… people her age, don’t do the shit she does.

      No one is saying you cant party… But there is something in life called, MODERATION and BALANCE. There is no reason why you have to get belligerent and ridiculous. You can have fun and drink while maintaining your dignity and tack. You can dress mature, sexy, sultry and provocative, but there is a fine line between indecent and obscene. It’s not even about being old-fashioned — it’s about knowing right from wrong, having morals and having self-respect. Being confident is not to be confused with Miley’s cockiness, obscenity and arrogance.

      • Letty.

        THANK YOU FOR THIS! Finally someone who is my age can perfectly explain my point.

  • Jess

    You know Tish, you need to be her mother, rather than her friend. Your family is in dire straits, and you don’t even see it. Sad. Very sad. Noah, I’m so sorry! So sorry. :(

  • boystan

    the iconic buns are back