Mommy Mandy Holding Baby Selena Pic

mandy-holding-baby-selena-pictureMandy Teefey holding Selena Goddess Gome when she was a little baby. Also Pattie Mallette posing with baby Justin Bieber. At first the picture almost looks like a manip of Selena holding a baby! Mandy has Selena when she was 16 and Pattie had Bieby when she was 18. + another baby Jelena pic.


  • cerenagee

    OMG Selena is her mothers spitting image!

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Damn, damn, damn! There y’all go again commenting what I was thinking. Any who, it looks like Justin’s mom hasn’t aged one bit.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        Oh the power of plastic surgery and botox..

  • h

    OMG 16 and 18? How sad.

    • Boo

      It would be if they hadn’t managed to make something of themselves.

  • trent

    so she’s been making the duck face since she was a kid huh. and bieber still has he same stoner look that he had when he was a kid.

    • taketwo

      It’s time to get your eyes checked! That is not a duck face you idiot!

  • loanthony

    both selena and justin were aboout to be aborted. im not joking either t,heir moms bothsaid that they thought about it and pattie almost went threw with it.

  • ashleyofcourse

    da fuhhhh
    dats selena!!
    mama teefey is selena but italian!

  • jo

    if only selena become a mother young, she would be a cute mother

  • Some Dude

    How did her mom go from latina to white tho?!

    • dyu

      Her mom is not latina. Her father is the one mexican. Her half sister it totally white

      • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

        dammit is it just me or that baby is super huge

        • Anonymous

          Not bigger than any other baby I’ve seen…

      • taketo

        So what is the problem? Italians are latin. Mexicans are Hispanic. Selena is American with Italian and Mexican being her enithicty.

        • Bianca

          Latins and hispanic are the same. And in the cultural sense italians arent latins.

    • Kay

      you do know there are white latinos too right? that is as dumb as saying when did her mom go from american to black?

      • Some Dude

        It was a joke, take it lightly. Not here to be PC. I meant like stereotypical latino vs stereotypical white person, which tend to be different races, or on different spectrums of the same race. It’s actually too complicated for me to care. Like, can you define “white” for me and everything it encompasses and where to draw distinctions with all the different mixes of races in the world?

      • soft ghetto

        but her mom isn’t Latina, she’s of Italian descent and claims American nationality so does it really matter?

  • anon
  • RedneckAtHeart

    Holy geez!! She is a spitting image of her mom.

  • Zaina777

    They are like lookalikes of each other. That’s so sweet.

  • boystan

    omg selena’s mom looks so much like selena in that picture i wonder why

    • Anonymous

      You’ll take biology in school someday and they will explain it there.

      • boystan

        i think you mean math

    • taketwo

      No Selena looks so much like her mom!