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  • JJ456

    Welcome to Bollywood!

  • soft ghetto

    I have so many questions about this like wtf

  • jonas fan


    • anonymous

      Go away

  • jonas fan


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    A video for what?

    • victoria

      She wants to be famous!

      • anon

        WTF! no she doesn’t ummm she already is anyways!!! hello miss fucking universe

        • RedneckAtHeart

          And that popularity went away as soon as the crown did… Sad that that’s the only argument people have for her when she is accused of using him.. The only people that really know of her are Jonas fans and die hard pageant followers. I’ve asked a few people what they thought of her and they had no clue who she was.

        • Guest

          And former Ms USA’s/Universes are forgotten about the minute they give up their crown which is why that fame whore was looking for a celeb boyfriend to stay relevant.

  • victoria

    lol she is getting what she is looking for…PUBLICITY!!!

    • anon

      WHY WOULD SHE NEED PUBLICITY!?!?!? she is an ex miss universe,so fuck off!

      • anon

        Oh you can’t handle my comment,so you put thumbs down HAHA grow up

        • ohsoamylouise

          no offence but nobody really gives a fuck about miss universe past or present …

          • anon

            Yes by she is known for what she did in the media! miss universe opened up alot if work that has made her well known.Heck even Donald Trump knows her.She had established herself well in the public eye,BEFORE she dated Nick! if you do some research,you’ll see for yourself.She is even kinda bigger than Nick

          • anon

            Umm seeing as Donald Trump owns the pageants she competes in there’s nothing special about him knowing her. He knows all the girls in the pageants (and probably cheats on his wife with a few of them too)

    • anonymous

      Publicity for what? they are both well known lol

  • victoria

    That’s why she is with him…she wants the same thing as Blanda!!

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Is this a music video for a new Nick Jonas song? or an Olivia Culpo song?… wtf

    • mhm

      neither. it’s a music video for a different artist, so i hear.

  • Destiny Cherry


  • ijustneedyounow

    tell me again that they aren’t desperate and that she doesn’t love the attention as much as him (if not more) ! “she just posted ONE picture of them /him”, phu-lease! by now it’s more like one pictue a day and they’re not calling paps but actually hireing a professional photographer. i hate to see nick become as desperate for attention as his*would do pretty much anythimg to become famous* gf and her thirsty family and friends :(

    • true fact

      you do know they were fliming a music video for an singer right? the paps just happened to follow them there.

  • Guest

    Attention whoring D list love at its finest !!!!

  • Cassandra

    They didn’t even know they were getting their pics taken IDIOTS!! omg i have never seem Nick so happy and she is such a free spirit.She is bringing out the best in him.Why can’t you Nick stans see that!? Olivia is NOT like Blanda! she was famous LONG before Nick came into the freakin picture! Blanda was somewhat unknown,but now she is making connection with gossip people and other celebs to get her name out there.Plus getting her pics taken all the damn time with Joe and attending events.Olivia has done NONE of that.They have been doing family stuff and couple stuff.This is the first time they are doing something like this (music video) and why not,maybe it’s for a friend of Nick or Olivia.Jlanda are pathetic,everything is business,but these two are in love and care more about each other

    • Rashinda

      I completely agree!!! it’s sad,but true.Olivia is the one fans should love,not an opportunist like Blanda

    • Anon

      Yes they knew they were having their picture taken, they were filming a music video in front of a camera. They weren’t just randomly frolicking around the beach at Coney Island in their own.

      The number of idiot Nolivia stans who think these are real and not scripted scenes of them acting out a music video are boggling to me….

      • anonymous

        No they didn’t.The paparrazzi took these pics while they were filming duhh

        • Anon

          That doesn’t change the fact that they were acting for a camera as they were being directed by the music video director to act. The dumb Nolivia stans are all “Look how carefree Nick is, he really loves her he’s picking her up dancing with her” and are completely missing the point that he’s doing that because it’s written in the script to do those thing. These aren’t real life candids it’s the same as if you were watching the actual video and taking screenshots. It’s ACTING.

          Also the paps were totally called on this. They aren’t going to haul their asses all the way out to Coney Island to shoot pics of these two shooting a music video when they could be in Manhattan shooting celebs whose pictures sell and make them money. The video production called or tipped them off to come out to shoot this for publicity for the video.

      • JJ456

        Exactly! and paparazzi don’t just randomly hang out in Cony Island.

  • Anonymous90

    Nolivia = LOVE , Jlanda = business,publicity,events and candids

    • rashinda

      THIS ^^^^ 110%

    • anon

      Fuck off with your thumbs down.Someone is in denial! it’s true! btw

  • Stacey

    This is love.Have you ever seen Joe and Blanda like this?? NO i mean Nick isn’t into public affection.I’ve never seen him act this way with a girl.So you can’t tell me Jlanda can’t be like this either .They look miserable when together.

    • JJ456

      Joe explains in his tell-all article why he isn’t doing PDA in public. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

      • Stacey

        UMMM he already has done PDA with Blanda! you don’t remember all the kissing pics that kept coming up at the football match infront of everyone even his friends! and when they were on tour,in the pool.Now they don’t do it anymore.So next joke.Plus they don’t even act lovey towards each other.He was all smiley and happy when he dated his other exes like Camilla and Ashley.But I don’t see that spark in his eyes when he is with Blanda

  • Kayla

    Nick looks abit uptight haha but Olivia is definitely a fee spirit and looks like she is having fun xD

  • Yeezus

    These two dumbasses must think they are the new Kimye. I’d love for Kanye to drag them for filming a video together and copying him and Kim.

  • BrokenArrow18

    are they doing a song together or somethin?

  • Kendall Jenner

    I love Nick with all my heart and seeing him with Olivia really hurts but OH MY GOD she is so pretty and sexy. I dont really know if she’s nice or whatever but it seems like Nick is very happy. I’d very much enjoy their breakup but Nick would be stupid to let go of an ex Miss Universe TBQFH. Hahaha. Whatever I’m just going with the flow. Anything Nick does (as long as it’s for the best), I’m down. I’m just glad he has someone, cause he’s been single for a long time hahaha it was depressing