OCEANUP XFactor Winners Alex & Sierra

An OCEANUP interview with X-Factor Season 3 winners Alex & Sierra talk about the weirdest thing they thought about on stage and about the last things they’ve Googled & more!

  • anonymous

    be careful OU if you get too famous you might be like the people you blog about D:

    • oceanUP.

      What do you mean?! We’ll become like Perez Hilton? or we’ll becum f@m0u$ cEl3bS?!

  • teddy

    He is so sexy.

  • Alii

    They’re perfect.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Honestly the ending was the CUTEST… “Jason Mraz is my favorite human ever… other than you [looks at Sierra]”

      I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH. I used to want them to breakup (bc obvi Alex is so fucking hot and talented), but I think they are totally meant for each other.

  • Rosemary

    I love them so much but I never really thought they would win it all