Selena To Move Next Door To Bieber?!

According to Life & Style Magazine, Selena Gomez is close to placing a bid on a house neighboring Justin Beiber’s Calabasas home: ‘Selena is very close to making an offer on a house inside the Calabasas development where Justin lives. She looked at other neighborhoods, but really fell in love with a home near Justin’s.’

Not much intel is available on the details of the house that has won Selena’s heart, but the news has definitely sparked a lot of talk in Tinseltown. Several sources speculate that Bieber and Selena might get back together.

But if Selena is going to be neighbors with the Bieby, she has got to have some sound proof walls and watch while she crosses the street because ‘the Biebs’ is quite a neighborhood nuisance from his loud parties carry on late until 3 AM.

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, neighbors complained of spotting him riding a segway and smoking a joint in front of kids. Bieber also keeps zooming around recklessly in his Ferrari or his motorbike. Should Selena Gomez be worried about moving into the neighborhood with Justin Bieber as a neighbor?


  • Zaina777


  • anonymous

    RIP gracie :(

    • whaaaa

      she died?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      omg lmfao SHES NOT DEAD what even!!! Who said she’s dead?!

  • taty

    desperate much to get notice selena, obsession for Bieber wow

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, they may (keyword=may) have the same neighborhoods in common, if this is all even true. Sometimes, as much as you don’t want it to be true, you and your ex have a lot in common and you’ll either be near each other or running into each other.

  • Carie

    what an attention seeking whore this loser is. everything she does revolves around justin

  • go_Jane

    almost every single article i come across of “selena gomez” has the tagline “justin bieber’s ex-girlfriend”… lol she’s milking her bieber fame as much as she can and i give her props for it. your 15 mins are almost up!

  • fu

    Her reps already denied that my godness

    A source close to Gomez tells Gossip Cop she’s not even looking in his neighborhood, much less “next door.”

    • duh

      obviously she can’t afford to buy a house there…

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Gossip Cop is LITERALLY king of captain fucking OBVIOUS. I honestly think gossip cop pulls shit out of their ass call it ‘a source’ or ‘a rep’ like ok… you have no sources, you just want to ‘seem’ in-the-know for attention.

  • fu

    A house in Calabasas cost 5M in average and that is half of Selenas rumoured net worth. Doubt she is buying there, and why would she buy such a big house to live alone?

    • Anonymous

      My parents bought a house about 300% more than what they are worth. Likely Selena would be paying off the house for a few years just like my parents have been paying off their house for YEARS. Big houses are good for celebrities because A) They need a huge space all their own, a tiny space is confining for how much alone time they probably crave and B) If heaven forbid someone broke in to rob or rape her, she would have many places to hide. Although she is famous, it’s more likely her house would be broken into than any of ours because of her prominence.

      • kdelly

        no her house don’t need to be huge for either of those reasons. its a gated area and most CA homes have fully gates properties. its VERY hard for anyone to break into a celeb home when they are there. Also in LA/CA houses get broken in to on the daily, and its not usually the big expensive ones that do, because the more extravagant a house the more chance of a criminal getting caught.
        Buying a big home is just an investment strategy, especially at her age and after a big payout.

    • Ricardo

      Net worth LAST YEAR, but she’s been in the bussines for 6 years already, she has more of 5M obviously..

  • rez

    lol at the losers who believe the story. I’m going to ask do you losers believe everything a magazine tells you? if you do. do you believe in santa?

    • lalala

      no one said they believed the story. it’s so funny how Selena’s rep releases rumors about her including Justin cuz without him she would be NOTHING. she literarly went from D-star to C-star thanks to justin whose an A-lister with or without his ex girlfriend

      • and who are you

        justin isnt A-list maybe in teeny world but not adult world and his star is actually fading pretty fast. just look at how his music is selling

        • Ciara

          He’s still more famous and successful worldwide on his own then Selena, he boosted her stop lying to yourself boy

  • selena sucks

    does she do anything that doesn’t revolve around justin bieber?

    • Anonymous

      Going to the bathroom.

  • kdelly

    One thing about this post..the picture? Her sister is asleep……PUBLICITY

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  • ..

    “If Miley doesn’t answer her phone, Justin calls the whole Cyrus family to see if she is ok, sometimes he exaggerates” – Scooter Braun


  • ?

    he sold his house in Calabasas?