Justin Bieber Journals Songs LEAKED

Listen to songs from Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Journals’. + Toronto fan pix.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    LOL @ this post having 0 comments. Can NOT wait for his next album to prove to be a flop… He is losing fans ridiculously fast. He is such a douchebag nowadays and is trying to be something he’s not. I admit that I used to like Justin circa his last albums. Overboard will still be my jam, but I dont condone and cannot support an artist who is such a piece of shit nowadays.

    Just IMHO…

    • nsnbfkjhnjsg

      lol the fact that you’re 21 years old and creeping on this website to hate is kinda sad. go to college, get a job…get a life. imma pray for you in jesus name amen

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        LOL @ you bc im graduating college this year and have an internship but ok…

    • Username

      Dude you’re pathetic, get off his all posts about every breath he takes if you dislike him low life idiot and go and read some books.
      Actually his new music has taken Beyonce’s place on iTunes, flop much right? Have a seat kiddo.
      It’s getting many good previews, why? Because kids like you of course want him forever to do crappy pop childish mainstream songs, meanwhile he is taking a good path maturing his music into way better sounds and that’s why more adults are liking it. Don’t worry, nobody cares if his post has 0 comments, it’s slaying iTunes. OceanUp isn’t Billlboard.com or whatever, calm down OU lover hahahah.
      Also to add since you’re a typical reader who has never checked their facts, you mostly believed every single thing OU has reported to you what has Bieber done or haven’t done, too bad they missed out half of good news as well. Stay brainwashed and dumb though :)

  • aaaa

    This web obviously fills with bieber hater, i dont see how his album is a flop when he tops beyonce. This album is actually great, and its sad whenever he success people dont say a thing but once he messes up everyone be hating