Kylie Jenner ‘Justin Bieber Is Humble’

kylie-jenner-justin-bieber-datingPossibly deluded Kylie Jenner told E! News about Justin Bieber: ‘He’s always been so nice and he’s such a good guy despite what everyone says about him. I think he’s amazing. He’s just been a great friend. He’s really cool. He’s humble.’ Do you think he’s cute?

Of course! Doesn’t every girl think he’s cute?’


  • Cici

    No…they really don’t. Unless she is referring to the kids under 16 maybe.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    well she’s obviously not gonna talk shit at the premiere of his movie, of course she has to praise him when interviewer ask her dumb shit like that

  • BrokenArrow18

    Next to her everybody’s humble bye

  • boystan

    is that a hobo behind her