Lorde, ‘Odd To Write Your Own Songs?’

lorde-1Lorde’s told The Toronto Star, she revealed she is not blind to the irony she currently lives in as she is surrounded by the materialistic things she’s against in ‘Royals.’ She has drivers, she’s catered to and says she could get ‘crazy bottle service’ if she so desired:

‘The irony is not lost on me. I definitely don’t feel like I’m living in a particularly extravagant sort of way, which I think is good because I think for me, personally, if I was thrown into that kind of thing I wouldn’t know how to deal with it, I think it’s good to kind of keep on keeping on:

Just do what you have normally done and sort things into a stride.’ Lorde, who says she started writing music when she was 12, downplays the hype (she calls “Royals” an “obvious” song) and talk about being wise beyond her years, when asked about writing her own music, she responds, “Is that an odd thing? I’ve always written and read and that’s been a part of me that’s super important.

And it’s a really good outlet for me to be able to say whatever I’m thinking and whatever it is that I’m trying to process. So I don’t think it’s too weird. And I also think people my age these days.. with the Internet, you know, you can be making beats out of your bedroom and be a superstar.

Perhaps weary of such headlines, Lorde declined to clarify those comments in this interview. She blamed others for trying to position her as the “anti-other things that are happening right now.” But the self-proclaimed feminist seems to make that declaration on her own. “My kind of interest in making music was born out of this desire to hear something that I hadn’t yet heard.

I guess it was never really going to be interesting for me to do something that had been done a lot of times. Because, yeah, I wanted to make something that I thought was fresh and felt kind of new.”

  • threelittlebirds

    how is that odd? she’s not the only singer who does it.

    • boystan

      i think they think it’s odd because of her age

  • Cici

    I love her confidence & how she knows exactly who she is. It’s refreshing.

  • mileswhore

    taylor swift wrote an entire album at 16. demi did it at 15. jonas did it at 13(nick). what makes her so special she s 17 ?

    you can even throw in miley she was 14 writing here own songs, and she wrote ‘i miss you’ at 12

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      ‘i miss you’ does not compare to ‘buzzcut season ‘ tbh